Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Catchup

I am trying to get ready for Thanksgiving here. Lists have been made, in my head and finally some on paper, some groceries have been bought and I have a new list of things to get today.  I heard this week someone say that the Thanksgiving meal is 4 hours of cooking, 1 hour of eating, and 4 hours of cleaning up.  They didn't even take into consideration the planning and shopping!  I think it is worth it though.  I love this time of year.  The beautiful leaves (my husband would probably disagree here as he works in the yard 2-3 times a week just trying to keep up with the leaves as they fall), the cool temperatures, beautiful skies,  fall decorations and most importantly having the family together without worrying about gifts.

**Updated**  Since I started this post this morning I have been back to the store for the second time and probably will be going back again!  Wish I could get my thoughts better organized, but at least it is mostly done. My DIL and granddaughters will be here Wednesday night and stay until Sunday probably so I have lots of other meals to think about too. I will be so glad to see them though.  I don't see them often enough.  Our son is still out to sea, but we are really hoping he will be home by Christmas or at the least the following week.  Six months for a dad to be gone is so hard for everyone, but they have all done great and we're really proud of our DIL and how she has handled the children, home, a break-in, a leaky roof, all the while going to school.  Too many military families go through this and worse.  Our prayers are with them all.

Bear with me, I know this is random - but I have been so lax in writing I have lots to catch up on!

Back in the spring when we planted new shrubs we planted two camellias, which I have never had before.  Who knew they bloom in the late fall!  What a nice surprise to have these beautiful blooms when nothing else is blooming.

I don't think I have posted pictures of the red dress I knitted for Sophie after I finished it.  I found a cute little cat face on another pattern and it turned out really cute.

 The little girl makes the dress!

Speaking of Sophie, yesterday she had on the cutest little mini-skirt and tights.  Getting her picture though is getting harder and harder.  When she sees the camera she runs toward it, so we get a blur!  She is doing so well.  She's talking up a storm, although some of it is a little hard to interpret.  Tonight I got her to tell her mom, I'll be right back.  Just a little hard to understand, but so cute!  I took her to the grocery for the first time yesterday.  She saw this Santa and grabbed on to it.  Here she is feeding him a cracker.  When we checked out she held on tight afraid the checker would take him away!

She can fly up and down the steps, but is not very careful coming down - I think I may have to break out the baby gate.  Notice the bow in her hair. Yesterday I got it at a Christmas bazaar and she actually wore it most of the day.  Today she had little pigtails.

I'm not doing a lot of knitting.  Still slowly working on Sorayan, but have been cross-stitching a Christmas stocking for Sophie.  I started these years ago for my daughter and son, added DIL and first granddaughter, then 3 years ago made one for Nikki.  Years ago I cross stitched a lot and bought them at a wonderful cross stitch store we had back in Kentucky.  There are no such stores anymore, at least not where I live now, but luckily the same company still makes them and I can find them on-line.  Each time I've looked for them they have changed a little, but I'm just glad I can still find them.  I couldn't do it all the time anymore though - too hard on my eyes! 

I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!