Sunday, August 28, 2011

Knitting Under Pressure

Not that I like doing it, but I seem to get more done when under pressure.  If I have all day, or week, or month, I'll find a million other things to do and take forever getting whatever it is done that I need to do (cleaning, laundry, paperwork, knitting, etc.) but give me a deadline and somehow I can move much faster. 

 They say knitters usually fall into two different categories, those who love the process of knitting most and those who enjoy the products that they finish.  I enjoy the finished products, but am definitely more of a process knitter.  I enjoy the knitting and just always want to have something on my needles and unless time is an issue I take my time with projects, unlike  some of the others in my knitting group who impress me every week with all of their FOs.  This week however I turned into a product knitter by necessity and finished this baby blanket in a little over a week even while having out of town company both weekends.  I thought I had till October to make a baby gift, but was then invited to a baby shower for this person and had to get in high gear. I chose something simple but cute and was pleased that it turned out well.  Hoodie Baby Blanket by the Thrifty Knitter. 

Thanks to Pooh Bear for being my model!

 I finished it last night, washed and blocked it at 11:30 pm (had to finish drying it and then steam the border flat just before I wrapped it for the shower this afternoon).  Nothing like going down to the wire!

It has been quite a week!

 Last weekend our son and daughter-in-law were coming to a town near us for their church and so brought the girls (plus a friend) to stay with us.  They all spent Friday night with us, then the girls stayed all day Saturday.  We did a little shopping, ate lunch out and took good naps that afternoon, then cooked dinner and their mom and dad came back by, ate dinner and drove the four hours back home that night.  Long day for them!  

 Then one day this week we had an earthquake!  No damage, but it was a strange feeling.  There is a window behind my desk at work and the front driveway to the building is just outside the window.  I had my back to the window and my chair started shaking.  My first thought was that a big truck had driven up to the front of the building, but there was nothing there!  Then it got a little worse and everyone around me started to notice the shaking.  My first earthquake and hopefully my last.  Very glad there was no damage around here.

We ended the week with Hurricane Irene.  Since son and DIL live in Norfolk they evacuated to here and stayed with us from Friday night until about noon today.  They brought another friend with them whose husband is out to sea and her family is in NYC, so they were in the Hurricane path also.  I was glad to get to see them again so soon.  Since they are 200 miles away we usually only see them every couple of months so twice in a week was really unusual.  Nikki is doing so well!  Her back is so straight and perfect and she has a very smooth scar that is healing nicely.  The best surprise has been the way she has handled it all.  We were so worried about the brace she has to wear, and expected her to fight it tooth and nail but she has been a real trooper and willingly wears it.  She is doing so well the doctor has given her some time out of it every day, but she rarely asks to take it off.  Brave little girl!

Last night we all went out to dinner and here are a few pictures from out waiting time and at the table.
Nikki and Sophie - the first hour or so they are together things are a little difficult - lots of jealously and each of them claiming everything as "theirs", but after they sort that out a little, they love playing together.

 Nikki and her mom. Sorry Janet and getting you with eyes closed!
Bethany and dad.

Sophie & her mom. (And Pooh Bear of course)

Miss Sophie being her charming little self.  Even after waiting a long time for our table and eating a lot later than usual for her she was happy and funny all night.
Back to work tomorrow - I need a day off!  Thank goodness Labor Day is coming up and a 3 day weekend!  Can't believe summer is almost over though.