Friday, July 24, 2009

How Fun!

You've probably already seen this today - I saw it on GMA this morning, but it is priceless. How great all their friends were willing to do this.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I actually am knitting - a little!

I've started this lace scarf , The Waltz , and I'm using Malibrigo sock yarn, which I love! I'm making it just a little wider, hoping it can be used as a small wrap/shawl also.

Yesterday we drove most of the day to pick up 12 yr old granddaughter for another visit and I had some knitting time in the car (when I wasn't napping or reading!).

B and her family were at their church doing a car wash to raise money for the kids to go to camp, so while we had our car washed I got these pictures of N. She's growing so much! My son is tall and the girls definitely take after him.
Here she is checking out a baby chihuahua. She would have loved to squeeze it a little, but just looked - good girl.

This morning, B was eating her breakfast before church (with wet hair) when Magic paid her a visit (or she cornered him). Good thing she had on black. You have never seen a child love cats more than she does. When she was little they ran from her, but in recent years they have had a change of heart and often I find one or the other of them on her bed in the mornings.

Wildlife wild as it gets around here - although a friend who just lives a few miles away had a bear in his backyard recently - so who knows.

But, at our house except for cats and squirrels, this is wild enough. This little fellow is cute as a button, but....he/she is eating our tomatoes! We find him in the yard almost everyday and he isn't even too scared of us - I walked out on the deck and he just looked at me for awhile before he decided to run into the woods.

More hummingbirds! Look closely.

Last summer I had a huge butterfly bush, but it had gotten overgrown and woody and so we cut it back last fall. It never really came back this spring, so we planted this little one. It doesn't attract quite as many butterflies yet, but I did manage to capture a few pics.

We are just having beautiful weather for July in Virginia. Low humidity, clear blue skies, not too hot. We're trying to enjoy while we can. I have a feeling the humid, hot summer days are still to come.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Catch Up Day

Very random post - just catching up. The last few weeks have been busy and somehow (can't be age!) I don't recover as quickly. I refuse to give in to it though - age isn't going to get me!

Is this not a pretty sight? Our own homegrown tomatoes and they are sooo good. We don't have a lot yet so we treat them like gold!

4th of July weekend we stopped by an old cemetery that dates back to before the Civil War. There are several of these graves - mauseleum type crypts above the ground similar to those in lowland areas. One of them is the burial place of a young girl who attended a girl's school here. It is reported that she died of fright after another student played a trick on her!

Granddaughters exploring. Of course the most interesting thing to them was a dog lying on the rock fence at the back of the property!

I had never seen anything like this before. These are on the graves of twin baby girls of a prominent old family. So interesting, but so very sad.

Many of the family plots were surrounded by these pretty iron fences.

N napped through our late lunch, so she got to eat and watch TV alone (not really alone, she brought her stuffed dog and cat with her).

Today I cleaned, shopped, cooked and now am generally pooped! Think I am going to knit and watch a movie! Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Socks and Hummingbirds

This afternoon as I watered my porch flowers two hummingbirds came back again and again to the feeder. I ran and got my camera and sat really still. Little stinkers are too little and too fast! If you look really closely I captured one to the right of the feeder, just in the edge of the tree. The prettiest one was iridescent green, but I never got a good shot of him/her.
Finally finished! If you carry a second sock around with you for almost a year, even if you only knit 2-3 rows at a time - it finally gets finished. Proof is below! I loved knitting the first one, but got severe Second Sock Syndrome with the next one and it took forever!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip to Kentucky

Last weekend we made a flying trip back home to Kentucky to visit family and attend a wedding.

The wedding was my cousin's son and was held on a terrace overlooking the Ohio river. It was a beautiful setting, however it was about 100 degress that afternoon and I felt sorry especially for the groom and groomsmen in their tuxes. The rest of us stayed inside until time for the wedding, then hurried right back in to the comfort of the air conditioning as soon as the ceremony ended.

Before the ceremony - poor musicians dressed in black. They had to be out in the sun longer than anyone.

I don't know the man with no hair in front of me, but hope he didn't get too sunburned!

Beautiful couple!

Sorry this turned out so dark with the light in front of me.

First Dance.

Congratulations Drew & Sara.

We stayed with my aunt and she has these rabbits that come right up to her patio. Even with us going back and forth gawking at them inside the patio doors, they still didn't move and seemed very comfortable and at home.

We enjoyed our trip, but it was too short to see everyone. I hope we can go back soon and have time to visit more family.