Monday, June 22, 2009

Judge Not

Tonight after knitting group and picking up B at VBS I caught the last half hour of the much talked about J*on & Kate Plus 8. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this family of 10 has been the focus of all the tabloids and gossips for the last couple of months. Their marriage has seemed to be in trouble and today it was announced they were separating. They talked about it on tonight's episode.

I have read so many judgmental statements about this couple such as, they brought this on themselves, they deserved this for bringing the media into their homes, they only wanted fame and fortune and didn't care about their kids, etc. It has amazed me how personally everyone took this and seemed almost gleeful that they were in trouble and their marriage was failing.

As I watched those beautiful children tonight and saw how the parents seemed to be struggling with this decision I was so saddened. I don't want to see any family broken up, but people, it happens. It happens to good Christian people who aren't on TV or have 8 kids. It happens to people we all know who started out with the best of intentions to have a strong marriage and then can't seem to make it work. It is so easy to attach blame - she was bossy and domineering, he ran around, she ran around, etc., but in the end none of us know what happened, and none of us should judge. It is just very sad.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Sweaters X 2

Finished! Two Plymouth Yarns Cotton Kisses baby sweaters. The twins I knitted them for were born at 28 weeks and are still in the hospital, so even though I knitted the 0-3 months size, I think it will be awhile before they can wear them. By the way, they are the same size - this is a camera illusion! We are going to Kentucky to a wedding this weekend and hope to deliver them then. Since the sweaters will have to wait awhile, I crocheted a couple of preemie hats today that will fit now. They are drying now, so pictures later.

Notice the cute duckie buttons!
I love my Croc flip flops and have worn them for a couple of years now, but needed another color and have been hearing good things about Yellow Box flip flops. Yesterday I was shopping for dressy sandals and saw some Yellow Box flip flops, so I ended up with both. I love these! They are very cushy and comfortable. Cute too.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy WWKIP Day

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day. We met son, DIL and granddaughters half-way today and picked up the 12 year old to spend the next few weeks with us. Her school was out Wednesday and she always comes and spends part of the summer with us. I know as she gets older this will probably end as she may not want to leave her friends and activities very long, but by then the little one will probably be coming. I hated so much to leave her today, but I have to work and granddaddy can handle the 12 year old alone, but not the two year old just yet.

We met at C*racker Barrell so while we waited for them to get there I did knit some while sitting out on the front porch. I took pictures to prove I participated in WWKIPD!

This is the first sleeve of my second baby sweater, knitted in Plymouth Yarn Cotton Kisses. The first sweater is finished except for buttons and blocking. I'm knitting these for my cousin's twin granddaughters born very early and very small, but doing well - keep them in your prayers.

Miss N loved the rockers too, especially the ones in her size!

While we ate she wanted the lemon from my tea. I think she thought it was an orange, but she found out differently! Oh Mama, this is sour!

We of course had to add to B's Web K*inz collection!

When we left, N cried to get in our van. It broke my heart to leave her! We will have a good time with B though the next couple of weeks - probably spoil her a little!

All the rain we've had has at least been good for the flowers and tomatoes!