Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fall 2012

The last three months have been a blur.  We had a death in the family, a family vacation and two holidays in there since I have posted.  

 We went to Disneyworld!  Husband and I, Amy and Sophie and Nikki went in October.  Here are Sophie and Nikki reluctantly posing in the hotel lobby on the way down. We had taken Bethany to Disneyworld several times and since we were going during school and it is hard for a sophomore to miss many days of school she passed on going this time, but Sophie & Nikki both made their first trip.

 We stayed at the new Art of Animation and loved it! We had a suite and it was great.
 Our first night we ate at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Hotel. We didn't have tickets to the parks that night but after dinner we took the Monorail around to the Polynesian, and Floridian and walked around each hotel.  Someday we want to splurge and stay in one of the Deluxe hotels!
 Meeting Mickey! Sorry about the terrible phone photos
 Sophie's very favorite is Winnie the Pooh as you can tell from this hug!
 Nikkie's turn.  This was in a character area at Animal Kingdom.  We also got to meet Pooh Bear at Crystal Palace for dinner. 
 We stayed in the Lion King building at Art of Animation.  The girls are dancing in front of our building.
 When we got back from Disney fall was here in full force and Halloween was next.
We took Sophie to the nursing home to trick or treat and she ran into her friend LaiCie.

 We celebrated a birthday!

 I made a new Christmas wreath this year.  I promise it looks better on the door.  Note to self - get better photo!

And this is one of the knitting projects I've been working on, a worsted weight prayer shawl for my sister.  Pattern is Mara by Madelinetosh.  Yarn is Nashua Shenandoah.  I love the ruffled border.  My sister lost her 19 year old daughter suddenly in September.  It was such a shock to all of us and such a blow to her parents and brother.  Most of us can't even imagine losing a child.  If you can, keep her and the whole family in your prayers.  It is going to be a hard holiday for them. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

New Things

I am not even going to try to apologize or explain my absence - no excuses!  Time just seems to slip away and I can't believe summer is almost over!  I do have one excuse - no camera.  My camera died and I didn't have one for a couple of months, and what good is a knitting post without pictures!

Along with some of my knitting buddies from our Monday night knitting group at St@rbucks I have been participating in a couple of Knit-A-Longs this summer.  I had not participated before but have loved knitting with a group and have learned a lot.  So much fun to follow along on-line and with our local group and compare our knits.  It's a great way to learn new techniques too.  The first KAL was Wendy Knits Summer Soltice Mystery KAL - a shawlette using either nupps or beads.  Since I had not done either, I practiced with both and decided on beads and really enjoyed learning how to apply beads to knitting.  I used a neutral yarn so it would go with  most anything, but also loved all the bright colored shawls many knitted.

I used Swan's Island 85% Merino Wool/15% Alpaca and it was wonderful to knit with. The color is Oatmeal.

During the first KAL the second one started and I bought the pattern, but didn't start till I finished the first shawl, so I'm a bit behind.  This is Rockefeller from Stephen West - my first pattern from him, but I have looked at many of his others and they are always very interesting and architectural looking so I wanted to participate.  Only 2 in our group are doing this one, but I'm also following along on Ravelry. Should be interesting!  I have a terrible time deciding on yarn - too many choices, but two contrasting yarns were suggested for this one so I picked two shades of green - Knitpicks Stroll and Stroll Tonal. I'm anxious to see how each clue turns out!  Even though I've looked at the spoiler pictures online and have seen Timmie's in person (she's a couple of clues ahead of me) it is still fun to see your own develop.

We have stayed close to home so far this summer.  DH had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago, so that limited traveling for awhile.  Our DIL and two granddaughters who live out of town came for a few days while our son did his two week reserve duties and the girls are coming back to spend a week just before their school starts.  Can't wait and hope Granddaddy is better so we can go a few places. 

Sophie spent the night this past weekend.  She is growing up so fast and is just a joy.  Keeps me busy though!    She keeps us well entertained.  Next time I will use my new camera to get pictures of all the girls .I take cell phone pictures, but have to figure out how to get them here.  I can email them or put on facebook, but haven't tried adding to the blog.  Have to work on that.

Tomatoes!  Even though we have had a dry summer, we made sure to water our tomatoes and we have a beautiful crop this year.  Nothing better!  I also water my flowers, but the grass is on its own and it is pitiful!  Hope you have tomatoes too!

I'm loving the Olympics and get a lot of knitting done while watching at night. (Some mistakes too if I get too involved!)  My favorites are swimming and gymnastics and have been so proud of our athletes, but am liking the track and field this week too.  It's keeping me up too late though! 

Happy Knitting till next time!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Buttons, Buttons

Today I took a vacation day because we had to have a new HVAC and it was being installed today.  While I was here at their beck and call I finally weaved in the ends and sewed buttons on my Smart Gloves designed by the Rainey Sisters. The yarn is Malabrigo sock yarn, which I love. 

Notice the pop-top thumb and index finger for texting.  These aren't really mine - good thing we had a mild winter as I started these for my daughter before Christmas.  Now I want to make myself a pair. 

Every year we get a bird nest in one of our front porch ferns.  Today they started to hatch.  I actually watched the second one peck himself out of the shell.

Last weekend we went to the local Butterfly House for the release of the first butterflies. It was a beautiful day.  Sophie liked watching them, but wasn't at all interested in having one land on her!

Work again tomorrow - I could get used to a 4 day work week!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Promises, Promises

When I wrote my last post I had good intentions of posting more that week and catching up - that obviously didn't happen.  Best laid plans and all that!

Lots going on around here - birthdays, the circus, our first and only snow this year to name a few things.

Both our children have bought houses and are moving this month!  We are so proud of them and happy for all of them.  Since Jon and his crew live in Norfolk there isn't much we can do to help, but we hope to go up soon and visit.  He has been in the Navy since they have been married until just recently, so this will be their first house - so exciting.  Amy has owned a house before but moved for her job and has rented for awhile.  She and Sophie are anxious to move into their first house together!

Sophie had her 3rd birthday last month!

We went to the circus, the theme was "The Year of the Dragon" and they weaved the Chinese theme throughout the show. 

 President's Day weekend Jon, Janet, Bethany & Nikki came.  On Saturday the girls had the best time  - they didn't even have on coats! Blurry picture because of very fast girls!

The next day...... our first and only snow of the year.

Bethany & Nikki in the snow!

 Early in the winter, my daughter asked for handwarmers long enough to cover most of her fingers, but still allow her to text.  I had just seen these gloves - Smart Gloves by the Rainey Sisters and we decided I would try them.  Good thing it has been a mild winter because I am just now finishing them!  They have taken me forever to knit, not because they are difficult, but just because knitting time is sometimes hard to find.  I'm almost finished though - and she will be prepared for next winter! Both yarns are Malabrigo sock yarn, lettuce and bright pink that I can't fnd the name of right now!  They have pop top index finger tips that make texting with gloves on possible.  I've made mittens but these are my first gloves and I've loved making them.

This week I found something new to try - finger knitting.  It is so fun and fast and in just a few minutes you can make a necklace or garland to use many ways.  I've made a couple of quick things and they both took less then 30 minutes each.

Here is a tutorial that shows you better than I ever could how to start finger knitting:  Finger Knitting

Try it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Blanket & Mickey Hat

I know, I know, I'm so far behind on my blog!  I'm going to try to catch up this week - at least on the highlights of the last few weeks and the holidays. 

I did want to say I'm still here and still knitting and wanted to show this last thing that I did for a baby shower last week.  Cristy and her husband are the cutest young couple, expecting their first - a little boy - and are Disney fanatics!  We love Disney too and though I don't get there as much as she does I enjoy talking about her trips and getting tips for when we travel.  After I knitted the blanket (to match her blue and brown colors) I just had to do something a little Disney and found this cute Mickey hat on Ravelry.

A cute, fun knit and crochet project!

Be back soon to catch up!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy Weekend

My daughter Amy & I will soon be competing on one of the food network baking challenge shows.  You know, one of those that makes huge cakes, decorated perfectly to a certain theme.  Ha!  Not hardly!

However we do have a good time making messes cakepops.  Our design came straight from Bakerella (with minor changes) and we think they are pretty cute.  Sophie had a good time too.

We had extra melted chocolate and pretzels and so when the cakepops were finished we dipped one end of the pretzel sticks in chocolate.  Sophie showed real baking promise! 

Some friends and I went shopping a few weeks ago and noticed a lot of wreaths made out of mesh.  Since then I've been by a florist and garden center and noticed many more in their Christmas decorations.  So we've ordered the wreath forms, watched the Youtube videos and bought the mesh to make our own.  Yesterday, one friend and I went to a local Holiday Market and we didn't see even one of these wreaths!  We missed our golden opportunity!  By next year after we make ours they will probably be out of style!  Anyway, Doris made one and this weekend I tried one also.  I learned some things making it so hopefully my next will be a little better.  I hung it on the front door for a picture, but am not sure where I will use it. 

Now to get ready for Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm an Older Blogger!

I love to read Kelly's blog even though I am "older"!  She has beautiful children, one the same age as one of my granddaughters, and I love seeing their similarities, but also have just come to love reading about Kelly's life, family, friends, faith, food, etc. 

On Fridays she has Show Us Your Life posts where she asks readers to share their blog link if they fit the category.  Today is "Older Bloggers", meaning over 50 and I certainly qualify!

I'm a knitter, crafter, wife, mom, and Nana to 3 beautiful granddaughters.  Bethany - 14, Nikki - 4 and Sophie - 2.  I'd love to hear from any of you who found me from Kelly's Corner!

On another note - just had to show you some things my friend Doris and I made at work today for the gift shop.  We normally sit behind computers and are not floral designers, but I think these turned out so cute. 

Someone said the little owls look a little scary, but I love them. 

Everybody getting ready for Thanksgiving?  We went food shopping tonight and I think I got most of what I need.  This weekend Amy & I are going to try and make Thanksgiving cake pops and will post a picture if they are presentable!

Keep my cousin, Jeff Travis in your prayers.  He was in a terrible accident a few months ago and yesterday had a bad reaction during and after surgery and is critical.  You can read about his terrible ordeal and amazing journey on a facebook page created to keep everyone informed about his condition - Prayers for Jeff Travis.  He is a wonderful Christian man who deserves all our prayers and for this terrible ordeal to have a good ending.  Pray for his wife Rita also, she defines the word "faithful".

Have a great weekend!