Sunday, September 27, 2009


It has been an eventful week here.  More than we asked for, but it is what it is!  DH had arthroscopic knee surgery a few weeks ago.  After he recovered he felt he could start walking again, so we started with about a mile a day in our (hilly) neighborhood.  He was slightly out of breath going up the hills from the beginning, but the last time we walked (about 10 days ago) he was so out of breath he could hardly make it up the last hill and we had to stop a couple of times.  This shortness of breath continued the next couple of days and was accompanied by some chest pain, so last Monday after I went to work he drove himself to the doctor.  His EKG and heart enzymes were not normal, so they transported him by ambulance to the ER. 

The doctor felt he had already had a mild heart attack, so they started him on nitroglycerine, heparin, and plavix.  He was admitted into CCU and a heart catherization was scheduled for Wednesday.  We were hopeful that they could put in a stent, he would stay 24 hours and then go home - but, we are still here!

Unfortunately, he had too many blockages for the angioplasty and stent to work so he is waiting for open heart surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning.  They will do at least 3 bypasses, maybe 4.  We were hoping for Friday, but because he had so many blood thinners they had to wait.  He is not having any pain and they moved him to a regular room and took off the IV's so he can move around, but he is really bored and tired of being here!  Not a patient person to begin with, this is trying for him to say the least, but he is doing his best to stay cheerful.  I wish I had thought to bring my camera cable, I would give you a picture!

Tomorrow however it will get much for exciting and I don't think bored will be his condition!  Today we had the cardiac education film about the surgery and tonight they will start getting him ready.  He dreads it, but will be glad for it to be over. 

Right now he is watching the Nascar race which will help the day go faster.  Oh yeah - he would really like a hamburger or bacon and eggs - I'm afraid those days are pretty much over!

Keep him in your prayers!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Estate Sale Finds

I've never been a fan of "modern" furniture or decorating. By that I mean the old modern, which I thought of as chrome, glass, leather, etc. I always preferred a cozier look. However, I watch a lot of decorating shows and really like the new streamlined look. Dark straight line furniture, simple, decluttered, and calming. I keep telling myself that is my goal and I am going to start the decluttering - tomorrow. Apparently, I need an intervention. I love sales and yesterday I saw two estate sales advertised. DH and I went and I couldn't resist a few small finds. Now I have to find something else to get rid of.   Here are my purchases......

An English mug.

A Chinese flower pot/vase.

A Japanese teacup.

A wooden Japanese tray.


A white and blue small crock - I'm sure I have a use for it somewhere!

And these two deer carvings, which I haven't even cleaned up yet.  I thought I could surely use these in something for Christmas.


I found so many other things I would have loved - but did restrain myself.  One of the sales was the home of a local artist.  Everything in the house was for sale and she had many treasures.  Lots of them were very elegant and not my style at all, but I did find the teacup and tray and mug there.  There were whole sets of dishes, silver, glassware, paintings, furniture, clothes, art supplies and her collections.   

The other sale is going to be done in sections.  The family is pricing and filling up the garage a little at a time and plan other sales in the coming months.  I'll be going back! 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's That Time Again...

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the turning leaves, all of the festivals and food and the decorations. Yesterday I thought it was time to get out the fall decorations and add a little color. I can now leave all this out till after Thanksgiving, when it will be time for Christmas - can you believe it?

Next weekend I hope to get some mums for the outside. The weather has just been beautiful the last week - I love it!

I TIVO Ophrah - sometimes watch it later and sometimes just delete, but yesterday I decided to watch the kickoff for her 24th year which she held on Michigan avenue in Chicago. The Black Eyed Peas were guests and this video is amazing. Oprah apparently didn't know this was planned.

They advertised for people who like to dance, got 800 applicants, and taught them the dance, then situated them throughout the crowd to teach everyone else.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone will have a safe and relaxing weekend. We have the grandchildren here so ours isn't exactly relaxing, but the little one is 2 1/2 so that should explain that. Yesterday she was the perfect child, but this morning had a full-out meltdown so we are just trying to go with it. The other grandparents have them for the day, so we get a little break, but I actually miss them!

They are going on an outing today and after a little struggle with her hair (long, fine and with growing out bangs - ane I'm totally out of practice) she looked really cute this morning so I got out the camera and that is when the tantrum started. She wanted to hold the camera, didn't want her picture taken, and ended up doing what my son calls her cockroach imitation - which is on the floor, arms and legs going in all directions, screaming and crying. We just ignored her and eventually she calmed down! I know this isn't uncommon for 2 year olds, but I don't remember it much with my kids (maybe that's selective memory?) or the older granddaughter. This one definitely has a strong personality and hopefully that will be to her advantage later!

Just before they got here Thursday night, I actually finished the Waltz Scarf. Rather than lace yarn, I knitted it with Malabrigo sock yarn, so it is a little thicker, but very soft and cushy and one skein actually worked. I used all but about 6 inches, so none was wasted! I would do this again.

Before soaking or blocking.

And after........

I've started an afghan for B, the older granddaughter, at her request, but I'm still working out the pattern, so I'll have pictures later.

I think I am going to take a nap now - regroup before the gang gets back this afternoon!