Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Weekend

Sophie's personality comes out more all the time. We had a great weekend and got to spend some time with her. She's a joy. To think that a month ago she possibly had never heard English and now she is learning new words every day. She loves cars and points them out from the window, our front porch, the car window, etc. Today her granddaddy was watching a Nascar race and she would say, car, fast, fast, fast! Maybe he will have a racing buddy!

Yesterday we went to a children's festival and even though most of the activities were a little too old for her, she enjoyed the atmosphere and watching the activities.

Last night she learned the joys of chips and cheese dip.  She caught on quickly!

When first home from China she was afraid of the grass and wouldn't touch it or put her feet down in it.  Now she loves to be outside and just takes off. 

Happy girl!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We'll Always Remember

Like most of you I remember well this day 9 years ago.  It was a beautiful blue-sky September day, my mother's birthday and I was thinking of her and hoping she had a good day, planning to call her later in the day.  I had just gotten to work when we began to hear the news.  What had  happened?  Was it a freak accident?  Then other tragedies began to happen and we knew it was worse than we could have imagined.

My son was on a ship in the Mediterranean, my daughter-in-law and 4 year old granddaughter on the Navy base in Norfolk which quickly became thought of as one of the next targets.  They called my daughter-in-law at work to pick up B as they were closing the base day care and closing down the base.  She called my husband and he and I left work immediately to go get her.  DIL felt she had to stay to work but wanted B to go with us.  In the four hour drive we listened over and over to the news on the radio in disbelief.  This couldn't have happened here - but it did and we will always remember.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still a Knitting Blog??

After a hard two-week trip to China where sleep was lost, and a really hard, never-ending trip home, then family visits, going back to work, and a killer sinus infection for the last week, I finally picked my knitting back up again.  I made it back to Monday night knitting and was so glad to see everybody.  Amy brought Sophie by to meet everyone and even though she is a little wary of strangers at first after getting a neat new book from Gaye, Sophie relaxed and they even saw a little of her personality shine through. 

I started the Traveling Woman shawl before I left, but have worked very little on it since then.  Hopefully I will get back in the groove soon.  (Trekking sock yarn)

We had a wonderful, laid back Labor Day weekend.  It was so good to have the few days off and we got to spend a little time with Sophie.  Granddaddy has been worried that she wouldn't ever willingly go to him but that all changed this weekend. 

Just like the other two granddaughters decided long ago, he became a favorite person!

She found my tupperware and cookie cutters!

She went out to eat with us and was so good.  She waved and said hi to all the other children in the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed her lunch!

And she learned to ride the Care Bears car like a champ.  This little car has the most annoying song you can imagine and she pushed the button at least 100 times.  We are going shopping for a new car I think, either that or this battery is going to die!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Another Red Couch Photo!

This weekend our daughter-in-law and granddaughters came in for a visit to meet Sophie.  We were a little worried about how the 3 year old and Sophie would do, but they did just great!  A few episodes of "that is mine", but not many and we were so proud of Nikki for sharing all her toys and being so loving to Sophie.

Sophie enjoyed her first meal in our house.

We tried to get a group photo of the girls but I think Sophie flashed back to the "Red Couch Photos".  She was having nothing to do with Mama putting her down.

Sophie sucks her right thumb to get herself to sleep.  Today it got infected and looked terrible.  I went with Amy to the doctor where we thought it would have to be lanced and might take both of us to hold her.  While we were waiting in the exam room though either Sophie hit it on something or it just opened on its own and drained. She now has an antibiotic and a wrapped thumb. She cried a little in the beginning, but actually sat still and let them dress her thumb.  Don't know how she will make it tonight without that thumb!  I hope she and mama get some sleep.