Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Another Red Couch Photo!

This weekend our daughter-in-law and granddaughters came in for a visit to meet Sophie.  We were a little worried about how the 3 year old and Sophie would do, but they did just great!  A few episodes of "that is mine", but not many and we were so proud of Nikki for sharing all her toys and being so loving to Sophie.

Sophie enjoyed her first meal in our house.

We tried to get a group photo of the girls but I think Sophie flashed back to the "Red Couch Photos".  She was having nothing to do with Mama putting her down.

Sophie sucks her right thumb to get herself to sleep.  Today it got infected and looked terrible.  I went with Amy to the doctor where we thought it would have to be lanced and might take both of us to hold her.  While we were waiting in the exam room though either Sophie hit it on something or it just opened on its own and drained. She now has an antibiotic and a wrapped thumb. She cried a little in the beginning, but actually sat still and let them dress her thumb.  Don't know how she will make it tonight without that thumb!  I hope she and mama get some sleep.

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Timmie said...

we decided at knitting Monday that Sophie cried on the red couch because she thought she was going back to orphanage. Maybe not...Hope she and Amy get sleep tonight. Glad doctor visit wasn't traumatic.