Friday, August 27, 2010

We're Home!

Thank goodness!  After such a wonderful trip the last few days have been a blur!  We left Guangzhou at 10:40 pm Wednesday night China time (12 hrs ahead of us), got to Hong Kong at 11:40 and took the hotel shuttle to the Marriott at the airport.  We got in bed about 1 am and had a wake up call at 5 am - so even though it was our first soft bed since we had left home we didn't get to enjoy it long. 

Our flight left the next morning at 8 so we had to get to the airport early.  Keep in mind all of this is with an 18 month old, 3 check-in bags, and 2 carry-ons.  Every step was an ordeal!

From Hong Kong we flew to Tokyo - had enough time to get to our gate, eat lunch and rest a short time and then board for our longest flight to Minneapolis.  We were not lucky enough to get an extra seat, so we had two seats in a set of three and Sophie climbed from Amy to me at least 5,000 times over the course of the next 10 hours.  She really did well for the circumstances.  I'm writing the airline though - sometimes you  have to fly with babies and they could help a little - they could at least have a baby changing station and some special seats for families with babies.  Ever try to change a poopy diaper on a plane, or eat a meal with a toddler sitting in your lap and the tray table down where they can grab everything on the tray? Fun times!

At Minneapolis we had to retrieve our bags, go through customs (where Sophie became an American Citizen!), recheck our bags, go through security again, and then wait about 3 hours for our flight to Atlanta.  In Atlanta we had almost no time to change planes, but luckily two other ladies on our flight had to catch the same plane, so they helped find the gate and lead the way there.  All along we encountered such nice people who were great to help us out!  The poor lady who sat by us from Tokyo to Minneapolis was wonderful.  She was from Thailand, going to visit a friend in North Dakota. (Couldn't have made that up!).  We barely could communicate, but she helped us several times on the trip.

Here are a few pictures of our last few days in Guangzhou.  We had a wonderful time in China and will always remember this trip.  We met some great people and hope to keep in touch.  Some are in these pictures.

Amy & Sophie in the Mattel playroom at the White Swan Hotel.

Sophie and her friend Lily.

It is a tradition to dress up all the adopted children in a group and make their picture on the famous red couches in the hotel.  This was hilarious!  It was chaotic, crazy and loud.  Some kids (like Sophie) were having none of it and some just looked around at the screaming ones in wonderment. 

Sophie has good lung power!

Look at Lily and Grace in the front turning around to look at Sophie and Lia (next to Sophie) to see what all the fuss is about!

She was fine if Amy held her.

Our whole group.

Sophie and Grace our last morning at breakfast!

Amy's friend Tracy and her daughter, Charlotte met us at the airport in Minneapolis.  Don't Charlotte and Sophie both look cute in yellow? 


Timmie said...

As I said earlier on FB, I'm glad you're home. Sorry the Wizard/good witch couldn't help you click your heels.

Robin said...

What a large group! How many babies?? So glad you're home safe and sound. And, Sophie is already a citizen?? Things have changed since adopting our boys then. Interesting. So happy for all of you!! Rest up!