Saturday, August 14, 2010

Made it to Hong Kong

We're here and it's been great so far.  The plane trip was loooong!  The first plane from Greensboro to Detroit was the narrowest plane I've ever been on - it can't have been 10 ft. wide.  There were 2 seats on each side of the narrowest aisle possible.  If there had been any possibility of it even flying to China (which it wouldn't) I would have gotten off right then!  We were a little late getting to Detroit and of course our next plane was in a different concourse 50 miles away, so by the time we got there they were already boarding, so no waiting time there.  

Before the plane took off a fight attendant came by and offered Amy & me a section of 3 seats in the front, which was wonderful.  We had an extra seat for our things, plus much more leg room.  That was uncomfortable enough for 15 hours, the other would have been pretty bad!  Uneventful flight thankfully, and we arrived about 7:30 last night Hong Kong time.  A guide from Amy's agency, CCAI, met us and another family at the airport and brought us to our hotel, the Regal Riverside.  It's right on a river and we have a spectacular view.  My camera is charging now so I will load pictures later, but Amy did load some on her blog if you want to check now.

After a big buffet breakfast here in the hotel where we met the other four families in our group, we met our guide for the day, Matthew, who took us on a tour of Hong Kong.  We went to the top of Victoria Peak where the views of the harbor and city were beautiful, to Aberdeen fishing village and harbor where we took a Sampan ride, then to Stanley Market which is a big group of shops.  On our way we went through downtown Hong Kong and stopped at a jewelry factory and showroom.  There were beautiful things, but no on in our group bought anything.  There will be other opportunities and we've all heard that mainland China will be less expensive. Hong Kong is amazing.  Very mountainous roads with tons of traffic and driving anywhere here would be a nightmare.  Very beautiful city though.

This afternoon Amy & I walked around the area where the hotel is and bought some water and drinks in a local convenience store.  We hope to get a good night's sleep tonight - last night we were so tired and went to sleep easily but we both woke up really early this morning. 

Tomorrow is a free day until 3:00 pm when Matthew will pick us all up again and head back to the airport where the families split up to go to three different provinces and then we'll all meet back up in Guanzhou at the end of the week.  There will also be some other families who flew into Beijing first and will meet our group then also.

Will post again as soon as possible - internet is fairly expensive here and we don't know how it will be in Chongqing.

Talk to you later.

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