Monday, August 2, 2010

So Much Going On

It has been a busy, crazy last couple of weeks.  DIL and granddaughters came down for one of Amy's showers and were able to stay for several days.  We love having them here but they have busy lives back home too with church and drama practice and orthodontist appointments, etc. so they've gone back home.  We hope they will be able to come back for another visit before school starts.

Nikki brought her horse to the shower!


This past Friday her co-workers gave her another shower and I was invited.  Again, everyone was so nice and generous and happy for Amy and Sophie.

The cake was beautiful and delicious!

Now, we have 8 days before we leave and I have got to start thinking about packing!


Timmie said...

I'm so happy for you and for Amy. I know you're all counting the days.

Anonymous said...

It is very exciting and I'll be watching your blog!
- Clare