Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sick Baby

 We have canceled our trip to the zoo today as we have a sick little girl. Just tummy issues so I hope they won't last long. She slept all night but early this morning got very agitated in her bed. Amy picked her up to put her in bed with her and she vomited all over her. No food, just phlegm, but she vomited every few minutes. We called Anita, our guide, to cancel the outing and she came to the hotel. She and Amy gave Sophie a suppository and had results right away. We think that was part of the problem as she hadn't had a BM since we have had her. She may be congested some too and all of that, plus stomach acid just didn't have anywhere to go. She totally refuses formula. She will drink water or juice from a bottle, but clamps her lips shut when she sees a bottle with milk. Anita went and got her some dumplings and she ate those. They also gave her some medication for congestion and she went to sleep. She is taking a good nap so hopefully she will feel better when she wakes up. Except for a possible trip to the store for a few more things today we will probably stay close to the room

I am going to try to catch up with some of the pictures from the last few days. These are from Hong Kong.
 Our hotel room - the Regal Riverside

 View from our room - notice the swimming complex.

 Hotel Lobby

 Also in hotel lobby

 Huge skyscrapers everywhere - many are condominiums to house the huge population.

 This is a new condo complex being built - will be 4th tallest building in the world when finished (Hope I remembered this right)

 Our wonderful Hong Kong guide Matthew.  CCAI has excellent guides helping us out.  When we went to the airport to fly to Chongqing, Mathew went with each family to their check-in counter and helped with everything.  Anita, our guide here in Chongqing has gone above & beyond to do for us.  She has Amy's notary and will do all the running around to finish our paperwork so that we only have a minimum of trips to make.

More construction - notice the beautiful blue skies and mountains in the background.  Hong Kong was really picturesque .


Timmie said...

I hope Sophie is better. I'm reading Amy's blog also but have trouble commenting on hers. I enjoyed the video. Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful.

Doris said...

I hope she's better. The pictures are great. Same old thing here. Miss you.