Saturday, August 21, 2010

We're in Guanzhou!

Just a quick post to let everyone know we made it to Guanzhou last night.  Sophie did great on her first plane ride, but decided to be more active than she's been all week.  She was a real wiggle worm, but happy the whole time.  Our flight was delayed on the runway an hour but they fed us supper during that time which made it go faster.

The White Swan Hotel is beautiful, although our room is much smaller than our room in Chongqing.  We have to stay a little more organized here.  This morning we had our first experience of the famous White Swan breakfast buffet and it was all we had heard.  It was so good to have regular breakfast food again.  In Chongqing there were a few familiar things, but many unfamiliar too!  We caught back up with our group after breakfast and met the others in the group who had been to Beijing. It was so good to see everyone again and their beautiful girls.  One family has a set of twins.

 Our guides Maggie and Grace walked with us to the photo shop to get pictures for the girl's passports (Sophie's is so cute), then to the clinic for their physicals.  We heard Sophie really cry for the first time today.  She did not like what they were doing to her!  It is so hot out that afterwards we shopped just a little then came back to the room to cool off and let Sophie nap.  Amy has to go to a group meeting in a little while to fill out paperwork.

I've tried and tried to download pictures, but it just won't work - I'll try again later - just wanted everyone know we are okay.  We're over halfway now!


Anonymous said...

Glad your're back with the rest of the group. I'm sure that makes it easier. I'm printing pictures of Sophie and sharing with everyone. Can't wait to see her!


Timmie said...

I've been following both of your blogs. Sounds like Sophie is bonding with Nana too. Hope all goes quickly and you're back home soon.