Sunday, March 11, 2012

Promises, Promises

When I wrote my last post I had good intentions of posting more that week and catching up - that obviously didn't happen.  Best laid plans and all that!

Lots going on around here - birthdays, the circus, our first and only snow this year to name a few things.

Both our children have bought houses and are moving this month!  We are so proud of them and happy for all of them.  Since Jon and his crew live in Norfolk there isn't much we can do to help, but we hope to go up soon and visit.  He has been in the Navy since they have been married until just recently, so this will be their first house - so exciting.  Amy has owned a house before but moved for her job and has rented for awhile.  She and Sophie are anxious to move into their first house together!

Sophie had her 3rd birthday last month!

We went to the circus, the theme was "The Year of the Dragon" and they weaved the Chinese theme throughout the show. 

 President's Day weekend Jon, Janet, Bethany & Nikki came.  On Saturday the girls had the best time  - they didn't even have on coats! Blurry picture because of very fast girls!

The next day...... our first and only snow of the year.

Bethany & Nikki in the snow!

 Early in the winter, my daughter asked for handwarmers long enough to cover most of her fingers, but still allow her to text.  I had just seen these gloves - Smart Gloves by the Rainey Sisters and we decided I would try them.  Good thing it has been a mild winter because I am just now finishing them!  They have taken me forever to knit, not because they are difficult, but just because knitting time is sometimes hard to find.  I'm almost finished though - and she will be prepared for next winter! Both yarns are Malabrigo sock yarn, lettuce and bright pink that I can't fnd the name of right now!  They have pop top index finger tips that make texting with gloves on possible.  I've made mittens but these are my first gloves and I've loved making them.

This week I found something new to try - finger knitting.  It is so fun and fast and in just a few minutes you can make a necklace or garland to use many ways.  I've made a couple of quick things and they both took less then 30 minutes each.

Here is a tutorial that shows you better than I ever could how to start finger knitting:  Finger Knitting

Try it!