Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Many important birthdays today .... first of all George, Father of our Country. Where would we be without him? Happy Birthday George!

Next, my cousin GT. We grew up next door to each other, played in the sandbox together and since I'm just a little older, I like to think I helped to make him what he is today! LOL After we both married and especially after I left the area we kind of drifted apart, only to see each other at funerals, etc., but with the magic of email we have reconnected and are trying to keep in touch at least occasionally.
This has been his life for the last few weeks. This was his backyard after the ice storm that hit Kentucky. He and his family are still dealing with the clean up. Wish him good birthday thoughts today and a nice peaceful, easy spring!

And last, but definitely not least - today my first granddaughter, B turns 12! I can't believe it. She is growing up into such a beautiful, sweet, smart, and Christian young lady. We had a birthday party with her a couple of weekends ago and she was having a sleep over at home last night. We love you - have a great day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a Little Late

We had a little party at Monday night knitting for Michelle, who has taken a great job in Austin, Texas and is leaving us. She is excited about this new adventure, but we are so sad to see her go. Her mom, Mary Jane, will really miss her. We may all have to make a group trip to Texas!

Robin got online and found a neat yarn shop in Austin and we surprised her with a gift certificate. We thought that would give her a good excuse to go in, meet people, maybe join a group or take a class.

Timmie wove her a shawl.......

I made brownies, Kelly brought her yellow tulips and Laura let her choose some of her yarn. We had a good group and a great time.
I meant to post this earlier in the week, but work has been VERY stressful this week. On top of that, DH's workplace is going through a major upheaval with a big layoff and buy-out in the near future, so we have had lots to discuss/worry/vent/go crazy about this week and I didn't ever seem to get to blogging.
On a brighter note - like my new purse? V*ra Bradley is very popular here, but one night on "What Not To Wear", they tore someone apart for using a VB purse (they didn't say brand name, but I recognized pattern), so I realize not everyone likes them. This is a new style, Lisa B, which I love. It is the perfect size, perfect strap length for me and has ONE strap. Two straps bug me to death. One is constantly falling off my shoulder! This pattern is Yellow Bird. I like all the new patterns, but decided on this one.

Below is a close up of the change purse, which is a perfect size for my camera. Elizabeth from work uses her change purse for her camera and passed that little tidbit on to me. I'm so happy she did as it is perfect. It is quilted which offers a cushion to protect my view screen, but doesn't take up nearly as much room in the purse as a regular camera case, so it works great.
And finally, this is the cowl that was drying when last seen. It turned out so soft and drapey. Very simple and plain-looking, but when on it squishes up nicely.

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Little Knitting

Sunday night -where does the weekend go? Remember school and that awful dread that started to creep in on Sunday nights? It never completely goes away does it?

I have been knitting a little lately, but just a little. I always have high hopes of lots of time for knitting, but somehow too many other things have to come first - like work, laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.

I finished this cowl a couple of weeks ago, but just got around to blocking it today. Like my blocking board? I have had this board in my craft closet for probably 20 years. It is a waxed board for painting t-shirts, which I used to do. It has been stuck behind a box of cross stitch supplies, pillow stuffing, basket weaving, tole painting, flower arranging supplies. I really need to clean out that closet. Anyway, maybe it's a good thing I haven't thrown it all away, sometimes it comes in handy! It's perfect for small projects.

I'm now working on the Textured Diagonal Scarf using Katia Bamboo. The yarn feels great and was a great buy at Little Knits .

Everyone have a great week!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thankful for Healthy Children

This weekend my grandchildren visited and we had an early birthday for the 11 (almost 12) year old. She is getting so grown up! No toys this birthday. She really didn't ask for anything this year so I had to do a little guessing. We went with clothes, cds, movies, and jewelry. She loved everything.

The 2 year old is such a little stinker! So full of life and fun and so busy! She has scoliosis and it has gotten worse in the past few months so she has been measured for a brace. It is going to be so hard (on her and her mom & dad). Two is such a hard age for something like this. A year ago she would have just accepted it, and a year from now she might understand it more, but a two year old is just getting a little independence and wanting to have a little control. N is very into "mine" and "no" and we need everyone's prayers that this brace will not be too uncomfortable and she will adapt easily and most of all that it will help to straighten that sweet little back.

As bad as this is to our family, in the scheme of things we know we are lucky that it is not life threatening and that we have 2 healthy grandchildren. Lately, I have run across 3 different family blogs that are so heart-wrenching. Harper is a beautiful baby girl born just a few weeks ago with lots of problems, but she is now doing great and able to leave the hospital and be at home with her family. They are very blessed. A few weeks ago I posted about Abby, a sweet little 4 year old going through a terrible ordeal. She is back in the hospital and in a great deal of pain, so keep her and her family in your prayers. Tonight I read about this family and the unbelievable heartbreak they are suffering right now. Pray for them also. Little children shouldn't have to suffer. Hug your children or grandchildren and be thankful.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Sunday Night Thoughts

I'm watching the Super Bowl - kind of. I look up now and then and try to catch all of the commercials so I will know what everyone is talking about tomorrow. As you can see I'm not a big football fan, but I try.

An update on my Kentucky family. I've talked to one aunt, one cousin, and got an email from another and they are all okay. They have really been through an ordeal though and it isn't over yet. A few people have power, but not all. Phone service is beginning to come back on in some areas. If I understood my cousin correctly, not one person in the whole county had power in the beginning. He said they had two different storms come through, and his front yard had 6-8 inches of sleet, snow and ice. It did all three at various times. Now they start the clean-up. I'm just glad everyone is safe.

Amy & I went to see Slumdog Millionaire this afternoon. I had never heard of it till the award ceremonies, but it was nominated for so many awards I was curious, and Amy had read really good reviews. It is so different than most movies - not predictable at all, hard to watch in places, but not at all boring. The boys and young men who play the main parts are excellent. Very good movie.

After the movie we stopped at Tuesday Morning and I found this yarn - Merino Wool and Cashmere for $2.99 a skein! It looks orange in the picture, but is actually rust. I've started a cowl.

Because Amy lived with us for awhile after she sold her house, and because her adoption paperwork had to be renewed during that time, DH & I had to get or fingerprints taken for a background check. I had gone with her to the Charlotte immigration office where she got her first biometrics (that's their word for them), so I knew the drill. They had a terrible time getting good prints from her and she sweated it for awhile, but they were accepted. This summer when we started, we first had to go to the local police station where they still do the old fashioned ink blotter prints. DH's were fine, but mine were returned and I had to have them repeated. Last week we had our appointment at the regional immigration office (a new office in Durham, NC). These are taken on a computer and the technicians had trouble getting good prints from either Amy or me. They tried over and over and even had the supervisor come and take new ones. Yesterday, I got a letter that mine were not readable! Amy's made it through apparently. I now have another appointment in about 3 weeks. I'm now using Corn Husker's lotion constantly, which is supposed to plump up the prints. If fingerprint recognition becomes common, I will be up a creek - however I guess a life of crime might be possible!