Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a Little Late

We had a little party at Monday night knitting for Michelle, who has taken a great job in Austin, Texas and is leaving us. She is excited about this new adventure, but we are so sad to see her go. Her mom, Mary Jane, will really miss her. We may all have to make a group trip to Texas!

Robin got online and found a neat yarn shop in Austin and we surprised her with a gift certificate. We thought that would give her a good excuse to go in, meet people, maybe join a group or take a class.

Timmie wove her a shawl.......

I made brownies, Kelly brought her yellow tulips and Laura let her choose some of her yarn. We had a good group and a great time.
I meant to post this earlier in the week, but work has been VERY stressful this week. On top of that, DH's workplace is going through a major upheaval with a big layoff and buy-out in the near future, so we have had lots to discuss/worry/vent/go crazy about this week and I didn't ever seem to get to blogging.
On a brighter note - like my new purse? V*ra Bradley is very popular here, but one night on "What Not To Wear", they tore someone apart for using a VB purse (they didn't say brand name, but I recognized pattern), so I realize not everyone likes them. This is a new style, Lisa B, which I love. It is the perfect size, perfect strap length for me and has ONE strap. Two straps bug me to death. One is constantly falling off my shoulder! This pattern is Yellow Bird. I like all the new patterns, but decided on this one.

Below is a close up of the change purse, which is a perfect size for my camera. Elizabeth from work uses her change purse for her camera and passed that little tidbit on to me. I'm so happy she did as it is perfect. It is quilted which offers a cushion to protect my view screen, but doesn't take up nearly as much room in the purse as a regular camera case, so it works great.
And finally, this is the cowl that was drying when last seen. It turned out so soft and drapey. Very simple and plain-looking, but when on it squishes up nicely.

Have a great week!

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Candyce said...

What a great idea of the gift certificate to get her in the store (that would get me there!). I think she will love Austin. My family live near there is San Marcos and they enjoy it very much.

I love your VB purse. I have always wanted one but haven't taken the plunge.

Yes, do take a group trip. You'll enjoy it and Michelle will love it.