Monday, August 6, 2012

New Things

I am not even going to try to apologize or explain my absence - no excuses!  Time just seems to slip away and I can't believe summer is almost over!  I do have one excuse - no camera.  My camera died and I didn't have one for a couple of months, and what good is a knitting post without pictures!

Along with some of my knitting buddies from our Monday night knitting group at St@rbucks I have been participating in a couple of Knit-A-Longs this summer.  I had not participated before but have loved knitting with a group and have learned a lot.  So much fun to follow along on-line and with our local group and compare our knits.  It's a great way to learn new techniques too.  The first KAL was Wendy Knits Summer Soltice Mystery KAL - a shawlette using either nupps or beads.  Since I had not done either, I practiced with both and decided on beads and really enjoyed learning how to apply beads to knitting.  I used a neutral yarn so it would go with  most anything, but also loved all the bright colored shawls many knitted.

I used Swan's Island 85% Merino Wool/15% Alpaca and it was wonderful to knit with. The color is Oatmeal.

During the first KAL the second one started and I bought the pattern, but didn't start till I finished the first shawl, so I'm a bit behind.  This is Rockefeller from Stephen West - my first pattern from him, but I have looked at many of his others and they are always very interesting and architectural looking so I wanted to participate.  Only 2 in our group are doing this one, but I'm also following along on Ravelry. Should be interesting!  I have a terrible time deciding on yarn - too many choices, but two contrasting yarns were suggested for this one so I picked two shades of green - Knitpicks Stroll and Stroll Tonal. I'm anxious to see how each clue turns out!  Even though I've looked at the spoiler pictures online and have seen Timmie's in person (she's a couple of clues ahead of me) it is still fun to see your own develop.

We have stayed close to home so far this summer.  DH had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago, so that limited traveling for awhile.  Our DIL and two granddaughters who live out of town came for a few days while our son did his two week reserve duties and the girls are coming back to spend a week just before their school starts.  Can't wait and hope Granddaddy is better so we can go a few places. 

Sophie spent the night this past weekend.  She is growing up so fast and is just a joy.  Keeps me busy though!    She keeps us well entertained.  Next time I will use my new camera to get pictures of all the girls .I take cell phone pictures, but have to figure out how to get them here.  I can email them or put on facebook, but haven't tried adding to the blog.  Have to work on that.

Tomatoes!  Even though we have had a dry summer, we made sure to water our tomatoes and we have a beautiful crop this year.  Nothing better!  I also water my flowers, but the grass is on its own and it is pitiful!  Hope you have tomatoes too!

I'm loving the Olympics and get a lot of knitting done while watching at night. (Some mistakes too if I get too involved!)  My favorites are swimming and gymnastics and have been so proud of our athletes, but am liking the track and field this week too.  It's keeping me up too late though! 

Happy Knitting till next time!