Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Our plane to China leaves at 12:30 tomorrow!  I just can't believe the time has come.

I am all packed .  If you can tell there is one little spot left for one last small bag that goes in tomorrow morning and pray that my scales are accurate.  We are allowed 44 lbs and my scale reads 42!  Since Amy has to pack for herself and Sophie she was a little over - so I have a few of her things too.  The bag on the left has 20 knitted hats for the orphanage from my Monday night knitting buddies.  Thanks everyone!

These are the bags I plan to keep with me.  I'm hoping not to have to put anything in the overhead if at all possible.  I've tried to abide by all the packing rules so hope we get through security with no problems.  Last time I traveled my ticket was randomly marked and I was searched at every stop so I'm hoping that won't happen this time.

Who would  have ever thought I would be going to China?  It is a once in a lifetime trip so I plan to enjoy every minute and especially seeing that beautiful little face for the first time and getting to know her.  I'm so glad I have the opportunity to do this with Amy.

On another note - do you have lots of butterflies this year?  They are everywhere and so big this year.  My butterfly bush is beside the driveway and every afternoon when I drive up the bush is covered.  Enjoy this beauty.

I will post as soon as possible - hopefully from Hong Kong.  Wish us luck!

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