Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chongqing Old Town

We had a nice outing this morning, going with our guide and a driver to Old Town, the very beginning of Chongqing.  The stone streets are 800 years old, but the buildings were rebuilt about 100 years ago.  It is on a tributary of the Yangtze River where most of the travel and commerce was done years ago. 

Sophie is officially the easiest baby on the planet.  She traveled great for only the second car ride of her life. (better than me - you just can't believe the traffic and crazy driving here)  It was very hot, but for the most part of the morning we were in the shade so it wasn't too bad.  We saw some of the Canadian families there that we saw at the Registrar's office on Monday.  It isn't hard to spot any of us!
Sophie seems to be fine today.  She still won't take formula, but as long as she drinks other things and eats well we aren't going to worry about it.  Most 18 months old at home wouldn't be on formula anyway and she is a pretty big girl.  She can wear some 12 months, but has long legs and a long torso so anything that snaps or needs length has to be 18 months.

Here are some pictures of Sophie and our trip to Old Town.

 She gets herself to sleep like this - holding her favorite green stacking cup, her doll, her blanket, and thumb in mouth.  She just lies here and talks quietly and plays until she falls asleep - every time! 


Anonymous said...

Sophie definitely looks perkier today. Must have been a relief for her too!
- Clare

Timmie said...

Nana Diane, why didn't you post that picture of you with Sophie? And I loved the one of the three of you. I'm so glad that she is bonding with Amy and, now that she's better, "coming out." I wouldn't worry about the formula. If she's eating food and drinking juice, etc, I think she'll be good.

TipsiestMuffin said...

Sophie is adorable!