Monday, August 23, 2010

Guangzhou Trips

Yesterday we went on the bus to the 6 Banyan Buddhist Temple, the Old Chen House and the Provincial Art crafts shopping center.  It was terribly hot and miserable, but the things we saw were beautiful.  The Buddhist temple is one of the oldest here, named after the Banyan trees on the property.  The Old Chen house is a large home was ancestral home of the Chen family but now owned and maintained by the government as a historical place. So interesting to see what we have only seen in movies.  The Provincial Art shopping center had authentic Chinese crafts that the guides could guarantee were real and good quality.  In other shops you take a chance at what you get.  We did a little shopping here.

Even though we enjoyed the morning we were worn out and so glad to get back to the room for Sophie to nap and us to cool off and regroup.  There was a group outing for dinner but we chose not to go and ordered pizza in the room.  We were glad because a huge rainstorm came while they were out.  Tonight we are planning to go out with the group to a Cantonese dinner.

Today we went to the pearl market, a huge 5-story mall with hundreds of pearl and jewelry wholesale shops.  Most of the families bought their girls some sort of pearls to give them when they are older.

I'm going to try to post some pictures. (crossing fingers)

Sophie learned quickly how to point the remote at the TV!

Our hotel is right on the Pearl River.  We watched this boat with big screen last night.

Lucy's restaurant - American food (somewhat)

Six Banyan Temple

One of the Buddhas representing past, present or future.

A street shop next to the temple.

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Timmie said...

I've been trying to figure out time difference and just realized you had a time/weather widget. Sophie seems quite smart. I noticed in video that she seemed to understand Amy telling her to put tissues back in the bag. I'm so glad she seems to be adjusting to the changes. About 6:15 in the morning, your ears will burn, we'll talk about you at knitting.