Sunday, September 20, 2009

Estate Sale Finds

I've never been a fan of "modern" furniture or decorating. By that I mean the old modern, which I thought of as chrome, glass, leather, etc. I always preferred a cozier look. However, I watch a lot of decorating shows and really like the new streamlined look. Dark straight line furniture, simple, decluttered, and calming. I keep telling myself that is my goal and I am going to start the decluttering - tomorrow. Apparently, I need an intervention. I love sales and yesterday I saw two estate sales advertised. DH and I went and I couldn't resist a few small finds. Now I have to find something else to get rid of.   Here are my purchases......

An English mug.

A Chinese flower pot/vase.

A Japanese teacup.

A wooden Japanese tray.


A white and blue small crock - I'm sure I have a use for it somewhere!

And these two deer carvings, which I haven't even cleaned up yet.  I thought I could surely use these in something for Christmas.


I found so many other things I would have loved - but did restrain myself.  One of the sales was the home of a local artist.  Everything in the house was for sale and she had many treasures.  Lots of them were very elegant and not my style at all, but I did find the teacup and tray and mug there.  There were whole sets of dishes, silver, glassware, paintings, furniture, clothes, art supplies and her collections.   

The other sale is going to be done in sections.  The family is pricing and filling up the garage a little at a time and plan other sales in the coming months.  I'll be going back! 

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Anonymous said...

I do enjoy reading your blog from time to time. In contrast to you, I have always liked modern style decoration, but I can appreciate other styles as well even if they are not necessary my own first choice. Most of the purchases you've shown here could be used in different settings. Mix and match can be very interesting (as those decorating shows show).
- Clare