Sunday, September 27, 2009


It has been an eventful week here.  More than we asked for, but it is what it is!  DH had arthroscopic knee surgery a few weeks ago.  After he recovered he felt he could start walking again, so we started with about a mile a day in our (hilly) neighborhood.  He was slightly out of breath going up the hills from the beginning, but the last time we walked (about 10 days ago) he was so out of breath he could hardly make it up the last hill and we had to stop a couple of times.  This shortness of breath continued the next couple of days and was accompanied by some chest pain, so last Monday after I went to work he drove himself to the doctor.  His EKG and heart enzymes were not normal, so they transported him by ambulance to the ER. 

The doctor felt he had already had a mild heart attack, so they started him on nitroglycerine, heparin, and plavix.  He was admitted into CCU and a heart catherization was scheduled for Wednesday.  We were hopeful that they could put in a stent, he would stay 24 hours and then go home - but, we are still here!

Unfortunately, he had too many blockages for the angioplasty and stent to work so he is waiting for open heart surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning.  They will do at least 3 bypasses, maybe 4.  We were hoping for Friday, but because he had so many blood thinners they had to wait.  He is not having any pain and they moved him to a regular room and took off the IV's so he can move around, but he is really bored and tired of being here!  Not a patient person to begin with, this is trying for him to say the least, but he is doing his best to stay cheerful.  I wish I had thought to bring my camera cable, I would give you a picture!

Tomorrow however it will get much for exciting and I don't think bored will be his condition!  Today we had the cardiac education film about the surgery and tonight they will start getting him ready.  He dreads it, but will be glad for it to be over. 

Right now he is watching the Nascar race which will help the day go faster.  Oh yeah - he would really like a hamburger or bacon and eggs - I'm afraid those days are pretty much over!

Keep him in your prayers!

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Candyce said...

How did the surgery go? I just read your post today. He must be very sore. I hope all went really well...and I am thinking of you.