Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy Weekend

My daughter Amy & I will soon be competing on one of the food network baking challenge shows.  You know, one of those that makes huge cakes, decorated perfectly to a certain theme.  Ha!  Not hardly!

However we do have a good time making messes cakepops.  Our design came straight from Bakerella (with minor changes) and we think they are pretty cute.  Sophie had a good time too.

We had extra melted chocolate and pretzels and so when the cakepops were finished we dipped one end of the pretzel sticks in chocolate.  Sophie showed real baking promise! 

Some friends and I went shopping a few weeks ago and noticed a lot of wreaths made out of mesh.  Since then I've been by a florist and garden center and noticed many more in their Christmas decorations.  So we've ordered the wreath forms, watched the Youtube videos and bought the mesh to make our own.  Yesterday, one friend and I went to a local Holiday Market and we didn't see even one of these wreaths!  We missed our golden opportunity!  By next year after we make ours they will probably be out of style!  Anyway, Doris made one and this weekend I tried one also.  I learned some things making it so hopefully my next will be a little better.  I hung it on the front door for a picture, but am not sure where I will use it. 

Now to get ready for Thanksgiving!


Kimberly said...

I just made a mesh wreath this weekend. I am going to post a picture of it today on my blog. It was pretty easy to do.

Kara said...

aww your turkeys are super cute! I bet Sophie had so much fun helping :) Your wreath is beautiful!

Timmie said...

those cake pops look good. Turkeys are cute/

Wendy's World said...

I love the cake pops. I've tried them but haven't mastered as well as you have. Love the wreath too.