Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip to Kentucky

Last weekend we made a flying trip back home to Kentucky to visit family and attend a wedding.

The wedding was my cousin's son and was held on a terrace overlooking the Ohio river. It was a beautiful setting, however it was about 100 degress that afternoon and I felt sorry especially for the groom and groomsmen in their tuxes. The rest of us stayed inside until time for the wedding, then hurried right back in to the comfort of the air conditioning as soon as the ceremony ended.

Before the ceremony - poor musicians dressed in black. They had to be out in the sun longer than anyone.

I don't know the man with no hair in front of me, but hope he didn't get too sunburned!

Beautiful couple!

Sorry this turned out so dark with the light in front of me.

First Dance.

Congratulations Drew & Sara.

We stayed with my aunt and she has these rabbits that come right up to her patio. Even with us going back and forth gawking at them inside the patio doors, they still didn't move and seemed very comfortable and at home.

We enjoyed our trip, but it was too short to see everyone. I hope we can go back soon and have time to visit more family.

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Robin said...

Glad you had a nice trip! The setting for the wedding was beautiful!