Sunday, July 19, 2009

I actually am knitting - a little!

I've started this lace scarf , The Waltz , and I'm using Malibrigo sock yarn, which I love! I'm making it just a little wider, hoping it can be used as a small wrap/shawl also.

Yesterday we drove most of the day to pick up 12 yr old granddaughter for another visit and I had some knitting time in the car (when I wasn't napping or reading!).

B and her family were at their church doing a car wash to raise money for the kids to go to camp, so while we had our car washed I got these pictures of N. She's growing so much! My son is tall and the girls definitely take after him.
Here she is checking out a baby chihuahua. She would have loved to squeeze it a little, but just looked - good girl.

This morning, B was eating her breakfast before church (with wet hair) when Magic paid her a visit (or she cornered him). Good thing she had on black. You have never seen a child love cats more than she does. When she was little they ran from her, but in recent years they have had a change of heart and often I find one or the other of them on her bed in the mornings.

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Robin said...

The scarf is beautiful! Love that color, too. The grands are so cute.