Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wildlife wild as it gets around here - although a friend who just lives a few miles away had a bear in his backyard recently - so who knows.

But, at our house except for cats and squirrels, this is wild enough. This little fellow is cute as a button, but....he/she is eating our tomatoes! We find him in the yard almost everyday and he isn't even too scared of us - I walked out on the deck and he just looked at me for awhile before he decided to run into the woods.

More hummingbirds! Look closely.

Last summer I had a huge butterfly bush, but it had gotten overgrown and woody and so we cut it back last fall. It never really came back this spring, so we planted this little one. It doesn't attract quite as many butterflies yet, but I did manage to capture a few pics.

We are just having beautiful weather for July in Virginia. Low humidity, clear blue skies, not too hot. We're trying to enjoy while we can. I have a feeling the humid, hot summer days are still to come.

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