Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Again!

The weather report predicted we might get a dusting of snow today, and inch or less they said.  I didn't even think we would get that.  After all every time they have  predicted snow this year it actually snowed and I didn't think they could possibly continue their winning record.  Also.... we have had enough snow!

However, this was my drive home at 5:00 pm.



It is still snowing an hour later and it looks like we might have about 2 inches.  So far the roads are not covered but we'll see as dark and colder temperatures hit.  We are ready for spring!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Absolutely love your blog!

So here is a question I've been debating with Kelly Stamps of KellysKorner:

If you father-in-law died - and he had a good, close relationship with your husband - would you attend his funeral?

Do you think being pregnant is a reason not to drive 4-5 hours to attend your father-in-law's funeral? Assuming of course you are otherwise healthy and having a normal pregnancy?

Of course, I'm sure you said "HECK YES"!! I would attend my father-in-law's funeral and NEVER think about abandoning my husband and his family during such a sad time!

Well, if you can believe it, there is one of our fellow bloggers named Melissa Stafford who can't be bothered to attend her father-in-law's funeral. Her father-in-law died earlier this week of cancer. She couldn't be bothered to go and visit him and now won't go to the funeral.

Melissa is pregnant. But she is going to the gym all the time, going shopping, going out to lunch with her friends. In other words, there is no health-related reason for her not to go to the funeral.

Can you believe this? Isn't this woman cruel and un-Godly? How can she be so mean and cold and neglect her husband at his time of need?

Truly unbelievable! Let her know what you think. Read the whole story here: http://staffordmoments.blogspot.com

Please pray for this woman and hope that God will forgive her cruelty, selfishness and cold, uncaring behaviour towards her poor husband (who by the way just lost his job and is unemployed).