Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why Do I Do That?

Yesterday I picked up my knitting again, and realized that about 10 rows back I apparently had been off a stitch on my yarn overs, which left a hole just a little out of line in a couple of places.  I always do this - think I can live with it and keep knitting.  Then......several rows later after it has nagged and nagged at me I decide I can't live with it and have to rip it out.  I didn't see any way to fix this otherwise, so rip I did.

What a mess - and I know I didn't do it right - I should have rolled it into a ball as I went, but at the time I just wanted it done.

The next step was getting it back on the needles, which with yarn overs was a pain. 

But finally I got it back and got the tangled yarn rolled back into a ball.  This is the back of the Lace Panel Vest by Claassic Elite and the yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon.

Next time I hope I will just fix the mistake when I find it instead of thinking I can live with - will save me a lot of trouble.


Timmie said...

Sometimes I think I can live with it too. Remember the FLS last week. I love this pattern and the color is beautiful.

Clare said...

I bet you were so satisfied when you got that mistake fixed!

Your house and garden look lovely.