Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

On the adoption front that is.  Amy finally got approval from immigration, but there was a mistake on the form, a mistake that could cause big problems in China - so she has had to contact them again and try to get it fixed.  I know she is so frustrated - this has been one challenge after another.  In the end it will be well worth all this stress, but so hard now!

I have been knitting, just not showing anything since it was for a gift.  We had a shower for a co-worker tonight having her second little boy, and since I always do better under pressure, just finished this baby blanket last night about 11pm. 

Since I had a deadline, this has been my sole knitting project for the last week, so now I can get back to knitting hats for the children at the orphanage.  I have a couple finished and will post pictures when I get more done.

We had a great weekend.  Our son, who is in the Navy just got back from a month's training cruise and will be going out again in July for 6 months.  We went up to see them Friday night and spent the night and all day Saturday.  B didn't get to spend the day with us Saturday because she had a chorus performance and then a trip to Busch Gardens with the chorus.  She was so excited.  This is her early in the morning dressed for the performance on the way to drop her off at school. 

Sorry for the glare, but it was early morning and she was in a hurry.  She sure didn't want to be late, so I took the picture as quickly as I could.  She's smiling to show off her new braces.

After we dropped her off at school we drove up to Williamsburg to an outlet mall.  I did a little shopping for my trip to China, things I couldn't find here at home and would have had to order. It was so hot though that after lunch we headed back to the car and the a/c. 

On the way home we stopped at Fort Monroe.  We  had driven past this exit many times but had never stopped.  It was a neat historical fort and worth the stop.  We enjoyed the museum and walked to the top of the fort for a view of the Chespeake Bay.  We will definitely go back on a cooler day to see more.  The temperature was 98 deg.   A few pictures -

N sitting in a window well of the museum, which was the fort prison.  I learned several things here - one that Jefferson Davis was a prisoner here after the Civil War. 

See how tall I am!

The moat surrounding the fort.

Views of the Chesapeake Bay from atop the fort.

Grandaddy, Dad and N, headed down from the top. Notice the beautiful old houses.  These are all private residences.  Such a pretty place.

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