Monday, May 30, 2011

Ses@me Street Live

Happy Memorial Day!  Can't believe it has been so long since I have posted!  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

Friday night DH & I went to a movie!  First time in forever.  We tend to always go to his pick, so we saw Pirates of the Caribbean.  Pretty good I guess if that is your type of movie.  On the way out I heard lots of laughter coming from the Bridesmaids theater and wished I had been in there! LOL

Saturday Amy & I realized the Ses@me Street Live was playing in Greensboro and she got tickets for us to go.  Sophie absolutely loved it and I'm so glad we were able to take her.

When Big Bird walked out on stage she was so excited!  She didn't have any idea what to expect and it was so cute!

Of course Elmo is actually her favorite so every time he came on stage she loved it. Some of the characters walked through the audience and Zoe shook her hand, but I missed getting a picture of that.
A few weeks ago my other granddaughters came to visit and I just realized I didn't post any pictures. Sophie and Nicki have a few jealousy issues, but after a little adjustment period they love to play together.

School will be out for them soon and I'm anxious for Nikki and Bethany to come down and stay for a few days.  Nikki is facing surgery for scoliosis in July and she is going to have to go through so much I want to get her for a few days before she has to face that.  No pictures of  Bethany this time - she avoids the camera!

On the needles - two at a time, toe up socks:

 Have a great week!

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