Monday, October 6, 2008

A Little Knitting

I'm still working on the sweater below and it is slowly coming along. I just feel it is going to be too large. I swatched about 3 times, and because my yarn is bulkier than the suggested yarn, I went from a size 6 needle down to a 3, and then still went down a pattern size. The swatch seemed fine, and the length of the sweater seems fine, but the width just seems too large. Ughh!
Very frustrating. I don't have her measurements, but knew her size and was going by that. I may take it into a store and hold it up to another girl's sweater in her size and see how it compares. I hate to keep going and then it not work.

I'm also knitting a blanket for a sweet little 2 year old. I didn't want it to look too babyish, so I chose this pattern. I haven't knitted with large needles in a long time and had forgotten how fast it goes and how easy to correct mistakes. Nice for a change! Ever since I started the blanket it has reminded me of something. I kept thinking it was ice cream, but just now as I downloaded the picture I know what it is. Remember a coconut candy with brown and pink stripes? I'm going to have to see if I can find a picture to compare!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diane -- About a two years ago we started carrying the coconut candy at the stores. People still love it...can't keep it in stock. Love your knitting. Patti