Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Hard Life!

My two 12 year old cats have never had their own beds. It just never seemed necessary, as they have always slept wherever they wanted and had their own favorite places. Lately however, they seem to want to be wherever I don't want them and yesterday I found Magic on a placemat on the kitchen table! Later in the day we went out shopping so I decided it was time for them to have their own special spot. I picked some with cozy bottoms, (catnip zips into a pocket underneath) and brought them home.

I showed Magic his bed, but he wasn't interested and preferred the sun on the back deck.

Onyx wouldn't even come in to look at his bed!

This morning however, I found Magic happily lounging in one of the beds.....

Then the other..........

I'm sure he is staking out his territory before Onyx gets a say. He's always the bossiest brother!
Notice all the hair already in the empty bed. This is the main reason I wanted him especially in one place as much as possible. I brush as much as he will let me, and I could get a basket full of hair off with the fur-ender, but he only tolerates it a few minutes at a time then gets very irritated! Maybe if I can contain it just a little it won't be everywhere!

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Robin said...

My kitties love beds! They make biscuits all over them. They also like PurrPads - come 2 to a pack.