Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finally Fall Color

Wow - where has October gone?  I can't believe it is almost the end of the month!  The leaves are turning here, not at peak yet but getting there, however we haven't had even one sunny weekend to enjoy this time of year.  Finally, the sun is out today so I got a few pictures in the yard and on our street.  I bet the mountains are beautiful, but that will have to wait till next year.  Since DH's surgery he was told no long trips so we are staying close to home.

Yesterday our son and family came and helped with the yard work.  Of course leaves were falling as they mowed so there will be lots more leaves to deal with, but at least we got the grass cut and trimmed, old tomato plants pulled up and the yard looks much better.  They started right after breakfast, which was a good thing, because just as they were finishing the rains came again.

We have had lots of deer in the last week or so.  They used to always come at night but lately have been brave enough to come out late in the day to eat the acorns falling off our oak tree.   

We enjoyed Miss N this weekend.  Can't believe she is almost 3!  She got new ear tubes this past week, but sailed through it like she has all of her problems.  She's a trouper.  DH didn't get to see her when they were here last since he was in the hospital, so  he enjoyed time with her.

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Timmie said...

Wow those deer are close! Beautiful pics. Leaves in mountains have fallen for most part. Coming down the mountain from Asheville to Black Mountain one spot was beautiful but couldn't photo because driving.