Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have snow!

Since we moved to Virginia 17 years ago, we have had several big snows, but they mostly happened in the 90's.  In the last few years, a lot of snow has been predicted, but often it is more prediction than reality.  Often, what little we get is gone by 10:00 am.

When they started predicting this winter blizzard earlier this week I was very skeptical, but for once they were right and I was wrong!  Hard to believe I know!

This was the view from from office window yesterday afternoon about 2:30.

And this was the view from my front door early this morning.

We got about a foot of snow and it has snowed some more during the day, but I think it is mostly over.  DH has a 4-wheel drive jeep and he was itching to try it out so he went out this morning to the store and I sent the camera with him.  These are shots he took of our street, driveway, our house and yard, and neighbor's house. 

Another view from the front door.


Our street.

Street from our driveway.

Front of our house

Our driveway

Back yard

All my life my mother was a person who did everything ahead of time.  I heard a million times, "You never know what might happen and I want to be ready."  She bought birthday cards way ahead of time and had them ready to mail months early, prepared early for every holiday, etc.  I used to laugh at her, but I guess some of it rubbed off on me in spite of everything because I feel stressed if I leave anything till the last minute.  Sometimes it actually pays off - like now.  I had finished my shopping, wrapping, and cards last weekend and thank goodness I did.  This weekend I would have freaked out if I had it all to do in this weather!

Today I cleaned and am making soup and plan later to knit! Of course I'm still thinking of things I would like to buy, but if I don't get out, nobody will know the difference.   

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Timmie said...

We only had about 6 inches at most but that was plenty. I spent the day inside knitting, reading, weaving and cleaning. If black ice isn't an issue, I'll see you Monday.