Sunday, December 6, 2009

Catch Up Weekend

Friday night we had our work Christmas dinner at a historic little restaurant in a nearby small town, Azariah's Olde Storehouse. The food was delicious and we had a great time.  I didn't take many pictures, but had to get pictures of the HUGE desserts.

The brownie sundae.

  The chocolate cake.

Saturday was a terrible day - rainy with even a little snow in some areas and very cold.  We stayed in all day and I didn't get out of my sweats or put on any makeup.  I cleaned and decorated most of the day.  I love Christmas decorations but didn't get them all out this year.  When the kids and grandkids come and bring their things, and then after we open gifts the house gets so cluttered and even though I try hard to stay calm and tell myself I can pick it all up after they leave, I sometimes feel the panic attacks just right on the edge, so decided this year to scale down a little. (Could I get a longer more run-on sentence than that!)

Here are a few of my decorations, some really old, some I've added through the years.

Back in the fall I bought these figurines at a yard sale and knew I would find a use for them.  This arrangement had candles last year, but I decided the elk/gazelle/deer (whatever) would fit.



I love Santa figurines, these are a few I have.

This was my daughter's rocking chair and both granddaughters have loved it.  The dolls and bears are old or favorites.

Years ago I did a lot of cross stitching.  I made each of my children a  stocking, then my daughter-in-law, then granddaughters.  When my youngest granddaughter was born and I started one for her, I hadn't cross stitched in ten years, and realized why!  You need really good eyes!  I don't have a fireplace, so the staircase has to do.

A little (and I mean little) knitting progress.  

My two at a time toe up socks.  I LOVE doing these.  Once I got started and got past the learning curve of how to cast one, how to manage the yarn, what to do next, they are great to do.  I'm anxious to see how they turn out.

And B's afghan is growing too.


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Timmie said...

Those desserts look yum! I'm still not gonna knit 2 at a time. Poor vision is the reason that my grand-nephew will not have needlepoint/cross-stitch stocking. I suspect any new ones I make will have to be knitted. Will miss y'all tonight.