Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa was a no-go

Everyone was here for Thanksgiving.  We had a great dinner, turkey and all the fixings, and we are very blessed to be able to be together, but, does anyone else feel that there is a lot of work involved in a meal that is eaten in 30 minutes or less!  I cooked and cleaned in several mini-sessions at night prior to Thursday and then finished it up Thursday.  Then after it was over it took another good hour to clean it all up.  I hope it was worth it!

Friday dh and son went shopping the sales.  Our daughter said she felt we women kind of let our gender down!  We did wait till after lunch and the little one was down for her nap and we left her with her dad and granddad and daughter, DIL, granddaughter and I did hit the mall for a little shopping.  I'm just not one to get up at 4:30 and go shopping.  It would have to be a wonderful sale to attract me that early!

Friday night we went out to eat pizza (a little change from turkey) and tried the mall again to see if N would see Santa for a picture.  We have pictures of B with Santa every year and none with N.  We thought it was going to work.  She loved seeing all the Christmas decorations while we were in line and was happy and seemingly not worried at all.  However, when we were next in line she watched the little boy in front of us get in Santa's lap and that is when reality set in and she realized what was in store.  She was having none of it!  A major meltdown occurred and she was out of there!  We didn't push it and I just snapped a couple of pictures of her by the tree.  On the way home in the car she wanted to look at the pictures and before I could grab the camera she erased the best picture!  I was so disappointed, but my son said I should learn to not let her hold the camera!

This is as close as she would get - and the only picture I had left!

B got a cute new haircut!

They all left today to go home, but Christmas will be here before we know it. 

This has been such a busy week that knitting has suffered, but the 2 socks at a time are still going well and I've done a little work on the afghan - pictures later.

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