Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Project

The sun was such a welcome site this weekend!  We had a terrible week of rain - over 5 inches here with lots of wind.  It was pretty miserable so we were very appreciative for a beautiful weekend.  The leaves really fell too, but it has been way too wet to deal with them.  I kind of like the look of the leaves on the ground anyway, makes it look like fall!

Magic enjoyed the sun too.  He is usually a scaredy cat and won't go out during the day, but will follow me around if I'm out with him.  So funny - if I leave the door open so that he has a quick way back into the house he loves to lie on the deck.  If I close the door - he wants back in pronto, and has torn the weatherstripping off the door several times.  Something apparently has scared him at some point and he is always sure to look for a fast way back in.  After dark - he will go out - cats are nothing if not finicky!

I have started a new project - one that is a learning experience for me so I thought I would document it as I go.  I've made several pairs of socks - on double pointed needles and circulars using the magic loop method, but never two at a time and never toe up.  That's what I'm attempting this time.  I will probably be crazy(ier) before this is over.

First step - divide the skein into two equal balls with the same starting places as far as the color variations.  I made one ball - just estimating at it being equal.

I should have done this first, but realized after I had made one ball I should have weighed the skein. It really didn't matter - 4 oz.

Then I weighed the ball - 2 oz!  Pretty good estimation.

Just to be sure - I also weighed the rest of the skein - 2 oz.  So far this is going well! (Turns out I was a little premature in my optimism)

Next step - cast on using the figure 8 method.

A closer look.

After this the fun began.  Keeping two balls of yarn separate is not for the faint of heart.  More than once I have to admit I had to rip out and start over.  Even though I have worked magic loop before, keeping two going at times got really confusing and I think at one time I must have knitted backwards, because I had one sock going in the wrong direction!


They are coming along. I'm beginning to see the toe shaping and am getting the rhythm of working two at a time.  It is definitely a work in progress though - will keep you updated.

Just to leave you with a treat -  last week Coldstone Creamery called and asked if they could bring us some cakes at work to share with the staff.  They were delicious!  Good advertising!


The chocolate had thick chocolate icing and snickers inside and was everyone's favorite!

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Robin said...

GOSH! Those cakes look yummy! I tried two socks on two circs toe-up and probably will never finish them. I kept going in the wrong direction. I found it very confusing. I would like to learn how to do toe-up, though.