Monday, November 2, 2009

G**dnight Moon

I hate that it is now dark so early!  If I had a choice I would keep us on Daylight Savings time all year.  By 6:00 pm as I was driving to my knitting group, it was already mostly dark.  To the west though there was the last little sliver of sunset and it was really pretty (I know, I know, how can you tell through this dirty windshield - just overlook that, okay?)

My granddaughters and I love looking at the moon.  My oldest granddaughter, B has always been fascinated by the moon and stars.  She loved "Bear in the Big Blue House" and his friend "Luna" and always called the moon Luna.  I wish that show was still on!  The book "Goodnight Moon" was always the last book she wanted to hear before bedtime and now is for her little sister.  My daughter-in-law has no need for the book, she can easily recite it by heart.

Driving home tonight this beautiful full moon was already high in the sky.  Maybe you were looking at it too!


Timmie said...

I like it better now because it's light in the morning when I get up. I don't like dark mornings.

Candyce said...

I agree with you--I wish we did not change either. I like it light later and it takes me a good week to reset with each change.