Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Let's hope 2010 is a good year.  We're glad 2009 is behind us and hopeful for 2010! 

DH retired April 1, had surgery on his knee in August and then in September had his heart attack and open heart surgery. Think we will skip all of this excitement this year!  He's doing well now though so we are thankful for that.  Many are not so fortunate.

I go back to work tomorrow and look forward to and dread it at the same time if that is possible.  I've loved having the girls here, was glad for them to go home, but miss them now that they're gone.    I've  loved staying up late and sleeping late, but I need to get back to a routine. After we got back from taking the girls home Thursday, I spent Friday and Saturday putting away Christmas decorations and getting the house back together.  I must be schizophrenic because I also have mixed feelings about that.  I love the house decorated for Christmas and I'm sad that Christmas is over, but also happy to get the decorations put away and the house back to normal.  Making up my mind has become a problem!

It is really cold here  It was 14 deg. last night and just barely 30 today.  Yesterday was really windy and the wind was just whistling around the house. We stayed in Friday and Saturday, but today needed a change of scenery so we went to the movie to see Sherlock Holmes.  Save your money.  It is dark, violent, and the beginning was very depressing (to me).  It did get better, but was not what I needed to see today.  A comedy would have been much better!

At knit night a few weeks before Christmas something in our conversation triggered a memory of an old crochet project I had made several times years ago.  I didn't have my old pattern (or didn't want to spend weeks looking for it) so found a few online that were very similar.  I had to refresh my crocheting skills, but made this in a couple of nights and it did turn out really cute.  I gave it to N as part of her birthday present and she loved it.  I almost forgot to take pictures of it, but just before we took them home I remembered and thought you might want to see it.

Crocheted baby bassinet/purse


This pattern made a larger bassinet than my old pattern and I didn't have to get the tiny doll.  This doll is a tight squeeze, but does fit.  I found it at Target.

N taking it easy with her baby.

I had to show these pictures of N in my make up drawer.  I had just washed the princess dress, and she got into some of my old make-up I keep in the downstairs bathroom.  She was having a grand time (and got it all over her face and dress)

As I said, she kept me busy!

Knitting took a backseat the past couple of weeks, but I was able to knit a little the last few days.  Yesterday I was able to turn both heels on my two at a time, toe up socks.

I've missed knit night the past two weeks, and am excited to go back tomorrow night and am thinking about a new project.
Here's wishing all of you a wonderful, safe, healthy, and happy 2010.

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Timmie said...

That bassinet/purse is so sweet. I'm glad that N liked it. Heels!!! You have heels. I finished the last of my Christmas presents (2009)last night and started working on my Nebula socks which I cast on the first time in April. I hope to be back at knitting next week.