Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finished Afghan and Big Weekend

Last Friday night DH & I attended his "graduation" from cardiac rehab.  It was so encouraging to see all the healthy faces in the room - all who had undergone some kind of cardiac problem last year, gone through cardiac rehab and now were thriving and celebrating.  We had a great dinner and visited with the wonderful cardiac rehab nurses and doctors.

Late that evening Jon, Janet and the granddaughters drove in.  I had worked hard all week trying to finish B's afghan, but ended up weaving in the ends Saturday morning.  I had planned to then wash it and steam the ends if necessary, but she didn't want me to do anything, she wanted it right then.   She slept with it that night, so I guess it was a success.


Saturday night we had an early birthday party for B.  She will be 13 on the 22nd but this was the weekend they could come in so we celebrated a little early. All of our family plus daughter-in-law's family came for pizza and cake.

My friend Linda made this beautiful cake – you can tell we are cat people!

N got birthday presents too – her birthday was Dec. 22nd and we had a family dinner that night, but the extended family celebrated this weekend.  She didn’t care – she just loved opening presents!

B and her new Aeropostle hoodie.

N modeling her new dress.

And her pretty hair!


B examining the afghan!

Sisters being silly!
Sunday afternoon they left to go home and a couple of hours later we got a call that their van broke down out in the middle of nowhere!  DH was happily watching the Daytona race and I was just resting my eyes on the sofa. Heh 

We jumped up and headed out to get them home.  By the time we got to them they had been sitting in the van for 2 hours so you can imagine that the 3 year old had just about had enough of the car.  We had another 2 hours to their house, and by the time we got there she was more than ready – and so were we!    They had just had a lot of work done on their van this past week so were hoping the dealership where the work was done would be responsible.  We heard from them Monday morning and they are going to split the cost of the tow truck and then will see what the problem is.  At least they are getting it home.

DH and I had another 4 hour drive back home after we dropped them off so on the way home I made a decision that I would be no good at work today and called in and left voice mail messages that I would take a vacation day.  That way I didn’t have to get up early to call in and I definitely didn’t.  I slept till 10:30!

We had a fun birthday party, a good visit, and even a little chocolate was eaten for Valentine's Day, and everyone got home safe, but car trouble is not fun!