Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miss Sophie Turns Two!

 Sophie turned two on Wednesday, but we waited and had a small family party for her yesterday (Saturday).
A few weeks ago Amy was trying to decide on a theme for her party and it was down to Dora or Pooh.  The only TV show that really holds her attention for more than a minute or two is Dora, but her very favorite thing in the world is her Pooh bear.  For her he is her security blanket, pacifier and pillow all in one.  So Winnie The Pooh became the choice for a birthday theme.  When Amy told me I had a vague memory that we had used Pooh for one of her birthdays so I got out the old photo albums.  It was for her first birthday!  Although this is Sophie's 2nd, it is her first with us, and probably the first ever celebrated just for her so I thought that was pretty neat.  Here is Amy on her first birthday with a Pooh cake that I had made. Below you'll see Sophie's mom made her a Pooh cake too!
I also found a picture of Amy's 2nd birthday with her Raggedy Ann cake.  Look at that pretty curly hair!


When Sophie arrived yesterday it was raining and a girl has to have her umbrella and snazzy raincoat!

 She loved her balloons!
 And cooked several meals for us on her new kitchen!

 When Amy and I were in Chongqing our guide Anita took us to a bakery and showed us this birthday candle.  Amy bought it and it was impressive!  We had fireworks, the flower spun and opened up and it played Happy Birthday.  In fact it played for hours.  It had to be put out on the patio and finally dismantled.  It was a big hit though!

 For her first time blowing out candles she did a great job.  Her friend Emily just had to help a little!
 Enjoying her cake and ice cream!
She is such a joy! 

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Robin said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie! When the boys came, we celebrated both of their birthdays on Brian's day in July. Taylor's was in March and they were still in South Korea. We had one cake and presents for both boys. After the festivities were over, Taylor wanted to know if he could have his OWN birthday the next year with his OWN birthday cake! Tooo funny!