Saturday, April 26, 2008

Black Cats and Yellow Iris

While browsing through Ravelry this afternoon, I came across a Black Cats forum and just had to join- since I do qualify as you can see. Here are the pics of my two black cat brothers that I posted.
Onyx is in the wicker chair & Magic on the right. They obviously have a mixed gene pool. Onyx is a short hair and Magic has long hair & short little legs. Their birthday is 4th of July. Most of the time they are calm and sweet kitties, but are very aggressive to my daughter's cats even though we tried to slowly introduce them. Mine, especially Magic, just won't cooperate!

Iris are one of my favorite flowers. Over the years friends have shared their iris bulbs with me and that makes them even more special. I remember my grandmother, "Mamaw" had a huge bed of beautiful iris in her back yard. I regret not having dug some of those up before they sold her house. I have yellow and purple iris in my bed. The purple are not yet blooming, but I just today noticed this beauty.........

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