Saturday, April 12, 2008

Knitting and Grandchildren

Thought I should finally post about knitting since it is in the title of my blog.... however, I've done very little knitting lately. Somehow life has gotten in the way and knitting has taken a backseat.

My granddaughter, N, had surgery last Monday. On the drive to Norfolk and while waiting at the hospital I knitted what was called a Micro-Preemie hat, but honestly it was so small when finished that I don't think any child could wear it, no matter how small! My other granddaughter, B, is big into Webkins, so she scored it for one of her animals! I have a felted bag on the needles and also a Lace Rib Scarf, neither of which should take long if I just get back to them.

As for N's surgery, since she was born she has been terribly congested, always breathing out of her mouth. She also has had one ear infection after another. Even though just 15 months old they felt she really needed tonsils & adenoids removed and ear tubes. After the surgery her doctor said it was even worse than expected. Her adenoids were almost completely blocking her airway, her tonsils were larger than they had thought, and lots of sticky fluid in her ears. We are hoping for a different little girl when she feels better. Son & DIL say she is doing great. Even thought not normally too serious a surgery they kept her in PICU that night because of her age and what they had to do.

Because I was out of town I had to miss the Monday night knitting group at Starbuck's - Ktog. I hope to make it next week!

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Candyce said...

I am enjoying your blog. This is such a nice photo of your two granddaughters. You make me want to knit again!