Wednesday, June 25, 2008

11 Year Old Granddaughters

are the very best! I've enjoyed every age B has gone through, but there is something special about her now. She still enjoys coming here and staying with us - I know it is coming, but dread the day when she is too "busy" and can't leave her friends. She can take care of herself - but still lets me baby her a little. She's not too "cool" for us yet. She's fun and easy, but keeps us hopping and we love having her here.

I loved when my children were in elementary school. I just think that is such a great time - but where did that time go? I remember how fast it went and all the mistakes I made and can now just enjoy the grandchildren without all the responsibility that goes along with parenting.

If you aren't a grandparent yet - just wait, there is nothing like it. The best thing - I have an 18 month old still to enjoy and then a little one from China in a few years to look forward to.
The Bamboozle sweater is about half finished. I finished the back and have now started on the front. This pic is from Sunday when I enjoyed knitting on the back deck.


Robin said...

11 is a great age. And, I'll say again -- that sweater is such a pretty color!

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tiger said...