Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do you hide your underwear?

Today was the dreaded, yearly gyn checkup. Why do we hate it so much? Why wouldn't we? Oh, the indignities!

The hated scale! The main reason I dread this visit all year, and I'm convinced the single factor that keeps most women from seeing their doctor. If doctors could skip the scale and just take our word for what we weigh, many women would see their doctors, avoid serious illness, and many lives could be saved!

The rest of the preliminaries don't bother me much - I can pee in a cup okay, I don't mind having my finger pricked, and now that my blood pressure is under control I actually enjoy having my blood pressure taken. I can be proud of something!

Next - the dreaded exam room. Undress, fold your clothes, put on paper gown and try to not rip it yet, hop up on the table and psych yourself up for the next step. Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful, smart, kind doctor who I really like, and he is as gentle as possible, but the exam itself is just the most awkward, weird thing a women must endure. I won't go into gory details, but you know the routine.

While I was getting dressed, I noticed that I had carefully folded my bra and panties and tucked them under my clothes. Heaven forbid that a doctor and nurse who had just seen my boobs and bottom should see my underwear!


Candyce said...

I never thought of it--but yes I do hide my undies. And you are so right--after what has been seen, why should I worry. Perhaps they appreciate that we hide them.

Very funny post and I had a good laugh.

Kara Crane said...

I never thought about it before, but I so do that too. That's so funny. Thank you for bringing that to my attention haha :)

Robin said...

I play hide and seek with my unmentionables, too! Talk about indignities --- the dreaded annual mammogram! Why do they smoosh something that we are taught to be so careful with?? And, I'm with you on that scale thing! Why do they need to know how much I weigh when I'm there to have my mamms grammed??