Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fingerless Mitts

A couple of years ago I would have said fingerless mitts were the silliest idea I ever heard of. However, last year (our first year in our new office with computer controlled thermostat) I changed my mind. The receptionist and I had freezing hands all winter, and since we both have to type, gloves are not very productive. Also, these are apparently the new hot accessory, so I had to knit some. These were fun & quick. The pattern is Velvet Curtain Cabled Gauntlets and I actually used the suggested yarn, ValleyYarns Stockbridge, from Webs, which is 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool and was great to work with.

Knitted on straight needles and easily sewn together, leaving a thumb hole. I will knit more of these.

This past week the leaves finally peaked here and it was gorgeous. It was short-lived however because we have had some rain and wind and now most of the leaves are off the trees and on our lawn.

This was the burning bush in my front yard about a week ago (sorry for the spots) .

This is from this morning. The burning bush has been reduced to mostly berries and our front yard is covered with leaves.

And more leaves.......

And these two trees at the edge of the woods, which were beautiful burgundy and yellow are sadly fading away.
The leaves falling and the time change (which I hate! - to me we change it in the wrong direction) means winter is coming soon. We haven't had a bad winter in several years here in our part of Virginia, but the weather people say this winter may be much colder. I love that the weather changes, and I like some snow, but don't like being cold, so not sure how I feel about a harder winter. We'll see!

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Robin said...

eLoved the mitts! Great color!