Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend

Our winter hasn't been terrible here - nothing like other parts of the country, but even so, it is sure nice to have a sunny, warm weekend and see these signs of spring.

Walking around the yard I noticed the lilacs are beginning to bloom.

We have a bank between our house and a next door neighbor that has been a pain since we have lived here. Too steep to mow or to weed, we've finally gotten some ground covers established for minimum maintenance. At one end the phlox is blooming.

Over most of the rest of the bank we have periwinkle (vinca minor), which is a reminder of my dad. My dad had a famous green thumb. He could grow most anything (especially tomatoes - which were the best I've ever had). He had this periwinkle in some areas of his yard and suggested it for this bank. On one visit home, he dug up pieces of it for me, wrapped it in wet paper towels and sent it home with me (Kentucky to Virginia - 600 miles). It traveled just fine and we planted it and it did great. Later, I received a package in the mail - more periwinkle! I still miss my dad everyday, but have this great reminder, especially when it blooms in the spring.

As I walked through the yard, my cats follow me like puppies. Here is magic checking out the bleeding heart plant.

A close up of the bleeding heart. This is a transplant from my daughter's yard. Love it.

Onyx had to take a break on our walk. He found a shady spot.

Of course I have probably jinxed the weather by bragging on it. I think it is supposed to turn colder this week and maybe even snow some places. Probably dogwoods will bloom. My dad always called this "dogwood winter".
Yesterday I planted some hosta and lily of the valley bulbs. Nothing to show yet, just hope they come up.
I also did a little shopping for Easter baskets for the girls who will be here next weekend, and even knitted a little. Can you see a little progress on the sweater?

I'm loving knitting this. Very fun to see how the colors develop and I love the Noro Silk Garden. I could get a lot more done if I would stay away from Word Challenge on Facebook!

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Robin said...

Beautiful flowers! Love the kitty pictures. The sweater is lookin' good!