Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Referral Time - Babies

I haven't posted a babies post lately, so I thought you might like to see some adorable faces and read about some ecstatic parents. If you don't know, each month China goes through several days of LID's (log in dates) and gives those families the referral for the child they are adopting. In the past they processed 1-2 months worth of LID's a month, and the wait was 6 months to a year. Then it slowed to about 15 days worth of LID's a month, which meant a 24 month wait. Now it is so slow that a good month is 6 days worth. The lucky families receiving their referrals this month have been waiting three years to adopt a child. It looks like they only processed 2 days this month, but one of those days was huge. Everyone keeps hoping there will be a speed-up soon, but no one knows.

Anyway, usually sometime around the first of the month the lucky ones whose referral date is up gets their first look at their beautiful baby's face. Here are this month's babies - click on the blog names and enjoy!


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