Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It is a beautiful day here - hope it is for you. Picking this time of year for Mother's Day was very smart. With all the flowers blooming it can be a perfect day. So sorry for all of those affected today by bad weather though. I have friends in West Virginia and hope they are not in the flood area.
I have been knitting a little. We went out of town last weekend and I got a little done in the car. We went through the mountains though and I don't do well knitting while we're meeting ourselves on the curvy roads. I'm working on the second sock - this really suffered from second sock syndrome. I finished the first one months ago!
On our way back home we made a stop at Gate City Yarns in Greensboro where I picked up this yarn (among other things) for a baby sweater. Thanks to Deb & Timmie for telling about this Plymouth Yarn sweater kit. The yarn is a little splitty like Timmie said, but not bad after you adjust to it.

The azaleas are full bloom now, but this is probably their last week. Wish they lasted longer. I have some Encore azaleas in another part of the yard and they do bloom more often, but so far are just not as vibrant. Maybe when they get a little larger they will be fuller and prettier.

These iris are a miniature variety. So pretty. A friend shared these with me from her mother's yard so they are extra special.

Years ago another friend gave me these yellow iris. I love flowers that have a history.

I had to have a bouquet for the table.

Have a wonderful day.

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