Friday, May 29, 2009

I Said Enough!

I got a few odd looks at work this afternoon as I let up the blinds in my office and took pictures of the rain out the windows and doors of our building! Since I told you yesterday we had a lot of rain I had to document what we got today! Rain! Wind! Hail! LOTS of rain!

Too much too fast for the drains to handle!

I actually got wet getting these next pictures - I stepped outside the front door, which was under a porte-cochere, but still got wet. What sacrifices we make for our blogs!

It rained again after I got home from work, but the good news - no rain predicted for the week-end!
Have a great weekend everyone.

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Robin said...

I am glad about all the rain though. I transplanted stuff last weekend and it has really helped perk everything up. I HATE standing and watering -- the mosquitoes EAT ME UP! Beautiful day today!!